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It about the life and death in a strange dream....

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



PART 1:A girl's best friend plead

Last night,I fell asleep and had a dream about a school girl,her name is Grace entering a place with a small waterfall or very small cavern and filled with bed of flowers, specifically roses in different colors. She had a hard life, she was always bullied but always had that one best friend who's always there for her,Stephanie. Grace was strolling down a path in a forest and ended up there in a deep thought ,not knowing where she was heading and didn't care.

 When she entered the small cavern, she felt so calm and happy not knowing why. A man's voice spoke out of no where and told her "I can see that you are suffering and you want it to end, if so pick a flower, lay down and close your eyes and let me take all of it away..... ". Grace was surprised but certain of what she wants. She picked a green rose which signifies FRIENDSHIP and laid down by a bed of flowers, and breathed her last breathe feeling at ease and free.

 The man was called and none other than DEATH. After that, voices of three women echoed in the air, they are the goddesses of life. The first goddess said "how sad, I pity this child." The second goddess said "life is precious, how unfortunate. Finally, the third goddess said "we will give her a trial, a trial of life or death." They all agreed, the girl was dead yet she lies there with her eyes open and lifeless, unable to move but her arms and head.

The goddesses summoned the girl's best friend Stephanie, to try and convince her to return back to life instead of following death. Confused and uncertain where she was, she saw Grace on the ground looking almost lifeless. She asked her "what are you doing here? You look pale... Let's go back home!" Grace's eyes seems blank and responded slow, she asked "why?, I hate this world, I hated the way I felt. When I'm like this, it feels like I'm in heaven...I don't have to worry about anything I feel so..... Free!." Worried and afraid Stephanie answers while crying "because, I know you are suffering, but what about me?  What about your family? They might not understand what you have been through,but I do! They will be so heartbroken as well as I, your best friend forever till the end of time. I will be so sad and I'll miss you. You were not alone, I was there for you all those times, remember? Please, come back I promise we'll get through it all together."The girl cried and thought about it for awhile, she didn't think that anybody would miss her. She then agreed to her friend's plead and came back to life.

Grace woke up in a hospital, thinking that it was all just a dream. She was surprised, her family members and her best friend were all there crying and begging her to come back and be alright. She cried and smiled, and she said "I'm sorry I left , I will never leave again.

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