Shroud Valley Of Cumbersome Love

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Mother nature has paid her dues. Carried lonesome wind that howled the blues. Past a bush of thorns where the orchids scorn. Wild children turn to love their growing horns . Spit hatred bare into a curse so rare. That peeled our skin With a tear of despair. Cry with me until my heart will bleed. Only sunshine can dry my misery. In this hole , that is we . A love that fell so feeble.

I feel it in me. The pain underneath. That slipped off the wheel . Our hearts over turned. A mind to go on hoping. Yet , my scars keep ripping open. A kiss released . That set me free. She burns the beauty in her emerald eyes again. In this pit . That is we. An orb that sits in darkness. Do you dare , Patch us up? Before the tears spill from your cup . Slay the burn that blisters the son. That only reaches out to heaven.

Red cement , That's thickening. To the point of pure exhaustion. She holds the treachery, unfolds the imagery. Of this beautiful screaming daydream. Haunt my soul. Be young not old . A story goes untold. I feel it in her. Hands of her share. Minds slipped off the thoughts. Yet , my heart will always rot. What's her release ? What sets her free ? Is it an oath of forsaken tension?? Lose my sleep . Swallow the key. To the heart that once was strong. Fry me in the sun. Call my life undone. She is still chased by my desire .

In this cave , that is me. A longing soul for love. In this cage , That is her. A beast born with secret rage. Sing a song in the wind. Love me again. Before your emerald eyes... give up that retention. Veer me deep in your luxury. Where I sleep with my greed. Healing underneath. Don't pull me out , just to throw me down again. Love me in my dreams . Quiet my painful screams. Raise my heart floating on the gentle breeze. Intermittent peace , is our release. A devoted love will set us free. In this trench , nothing lives. To tell the story over again. The son has found love at last.

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