Hundred Dollar company

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Believing I could live the life.

When you live so wrong somethings you can't make right

Money whispers you can own the cars the clothes

Falling victim to a life you chose

 Whispers you can do anything

But now your hoping that people can change

 Hundred dollar company

Getting wavy off the these drugs with me.

I'm still here.

Wild change ups in what you though would be you life career

Sometimes I think about them do they think about me.

Trading normal in exchage for my money tree

Had 50 tryna holla but I only wanted one.

Learned to tie your heart stings and never let them come undone

Wanted you. Only wanted you.

Learned to adopt a brighter better view

Thought you were my man but you were paying other girls.

But I've learnt from you love's not all diamonds and pearls.

I did everything to erase you from my world.

Waited while my emotions swirled

Restart now that's hard.

Should send you a fucking thankyou card

Why do I still think about it why do I think about you.

Feeling like I should have stopped feeling restless its overdue

Those, stupid men. Want to rid it from your memory.

Erased it with greens from a dispensary.

Could of had a million dollars just to trade it back to one. 

But still I won't forget where I came from.



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