Been 4am lately

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Cut the ropes with you, Hit the road with you, Loved rolling up with you, Can't play that role for you.

Can't makeup,

So I won't let you mess up my makeup.

Wanna know how your feeling baby, ask me how I'm feeling maybe.

No catching feelings can't catch feelings I'm hazy.

Finger nails to your nose.

Favourite part is driving home.

Always got sides that won't go.

Business foreclosure hope that by doing so you'll get closure.

Still get your heartbroken in the same ways

But you never lose your game face.

Act like a lady but you think like a man.

Getting your heart broken the past let you learn all you can. 

Use them too so they aren't just using you.

Ever think she just want to hit it maybe.

She just want to hit and quit it baby.

Tell me when your finished baby.

You wanna play the game but you get played.

By a girl that's the worst way.

Let me know when you change your ways.

Just wanna do things the right way.

No looking through no phones again.

Can't be jealous so you just un-know them.

New school love running games huh.

Old school dying off on us.

Probably can't trust me, probably can't trust you.

Feels like loving just won't stick no more think we need gorilla glue.

Always cold when you touch me.

Always saying "I've changed seriously".

Can't change someone else so your angry.

So right cause you always know but you still pick them players though.

Don't want to talk to more.

Losing interest when a relationship starts feeling more like a chore.

You know you got actions that speak louder then your words.

In the end your all talk your just a songbird.

Nothings real. 

So you stop knowing how to feel. 

You learn from your mistakes back in the day

Can't get your heart broken in those same ways.

Treat them just like they do you with them game ways.


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