The Marriage

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



The Marriage


There had been problems though, and although I was saved, saved by Shadow Girl there was still this little spot of pain in my heart.  It was slowly diminishing though and I thought that it would be best if we decided to get married.  I always thought that I would walk the earth alone after my wife had died, only to meet her again in heaven but with this Shadow Girl by my side I knew that I would never be alone. 

This pain that I speak of though was something and I knew that now that I was with her we could accomplish almost anything that I set my mind to.  Shadow Girl still never spoke yet but I knew that maybe someday if we were together long enough she might.  We decided to move in together, so after I finished my beer we set back to her apartment.  She immediately started for her book.  She sat down and started to cry little red tears and I heard her sobbing for the first time.  She had been through a lot with that unnamed bomber and I knew that she must have been a bit shaken up over the whole incident.

"Shadow Girl ... it's okay, we are home now, and we are going to get married.  I promise you that nothing like that will ever happen again."  I said.

"What makes you think that I want to get married."  She spoke and as I was holding her hand while she was sitting on the book in the corner I was struck by her voice, the low shrill hissing sound of a manly demon, her voice sounded as if she was an echo chamber.

"Well I was just thinking that we make such a great team together that we could get married?"

"Why would you give me away?"  She said sobbing red tears that looked like a shiny violet red blood.

"I wouldn't loves, Shadow Girl you were the one who took his hand."

"I thought that it would help, you were in danger."  She said.

"Yes and thank you Shadow Girl, you saved my life."  I said.

Now there is much to know of the pain that was in my heart before I met Shadow Girl.  There was the man in the camoflauge in the tree and I had no idea that I was going to be a government pill tester when I was a kid.  It took me quite sometime to know of the correlation between the pills that I was taking and assisted suicide for the terminally ill and the perfection of the death penalty by lethal injection in other states, but I remember the nights where if I would have gone to bed I would not have awoken up, drunk off of the pills in the mental institution’s.  This all sounds pretty far fetched but I tell you that it is true, many have died simply forgetting to breathe while asleep because of the medications that they were on, and then the sleeping pills, all of it tied together by some of the smartest people on the planet who monitor the whole entire system with their satellite technologies.  The flat dreamless black sleep of the sleeping pill, passing out for hours and not even feeling rested upon waking, all of the pills tied together.  Waking up screaming for fear of dyeing in bed.

"Shadow Girl you might not want to get married but can I at least grow some Marijuana next to your book?"  I asked her.

"Yes you can stay."  Said my sweetest little Shadow Girl in her ungodly voice.

"Do you want to go to town with me my Love?" 

"Town, you want to take me to town ... I can't remember the last time I went to town, you know ... in the way that I am just a shadow."  She said.

"Yeah this is California Loves, in the year 2018, we can just go to the store to get some weed!  I think that you are ever so beautiful Shadow Girl, you have the sleekest sexiest silhouette I have ever seen, do you ever wear any clothes?"  I asked, slightly concerned but not really.

"No I prefur to just be a shadow.  I do have beautiful red lips though so that people can see me." 

"Yes ... yes you do, okay let's go!"  I said.

We hopped into my Parents car and headed for the local Marijuana Dispensary to pick up a seed.  She walked ever so confidently Shadow Girl did, she sort of draws a bunch of attention to herself though ... it's not really her fault though, I was thinking that maybe if she wore clothes this might not happen so much but I didn't want to offend my wife.  After we went to the Dispensary we headed over to a lingerie store just for a while to look around.  We bought Shadow Girl some clothes.  Fishnet stalkings, a wig and a mini-skirt and halter top.  The Yellow wig really accented her red lips and she humored me for a while and kept the clothes on in public and for some reason the stares seemed to go down.  Instead of just being a shadow now she just looked like your average five foot four super model.

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