Where Men Fear To Wander

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Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



Plea for life. In the hands of the keeper's night. One last poisoned kiss. To wander my heart to death. Frail infusion , and Leary delusions . Stroke the midnight mischief. Blame the smoke for the fire. Ignorance is not a priority to the mitre. Crawl out for this So safe and over jaded. Covered , rusted love that's being smothered . Don't curse your mother. A delicate cover. That kills you in your sleep . Only love , can keep you in your dreams. Come in all the blood has drained . From the faith in a pin needle vein. Do you know what she did ? Under her ghost , Is the living dead. Storing stolen hearts. To keep them forever hid.

Basking buttons. Searing clones within her eyes. Join a curse parade . To stampede on my life. She is the beauty . A sunset in the sky. That I can't help but stare with my lonesome distant eyes. The ancestors roll over. At the horrific sight. Of a cold blue skin Where the air was forever thin. Lost is my straying love. Could it be that she has given up?

Free fall into nothing . A heart not worth hunting . If the forces can hear me. Why is she not free from the pathway of destruction? A light shines through her hair. Where blood fall becomes ever rare. Dim lower my wounded lantern . Keep the fright in the dark. Be strong. Get back where you belong. Cloth of oil . Bless my shell. Keep me from my nightmares . Deliver me from hell . A place where in her. ... I still reside... Could it be she has given up? ..

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