Worth It

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Worth it is about being proud of who you are and not letting the world's definition of beauty define you.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Submitted: June 19, 2017



You're worth it But you're not perfect Buy this make up cover your flaws That's the only way to leave others in awe

Flaws are what make us worth it We set goals so we can work towards it Perfection is a myth nothing short of Atlantis Imperfection is the gift that no one treasures

The world has made beauty about complection Something you see when you look at your reflection They made beauty a weapon Against the youth of today They are defenseless in a war that is winless

They made beauty a disease An infection to please Girls getting eating disorders that bring them to their knees Because they say love is what you need The only way to be pleased

You must love yourself Far before you can love someone else Otherwise you will melt with your makeup You look. Made. Up.

The beauty that's actually real is at stake Put makeup on your face but not like cake You are the legacy you make Your beauty is real you don't need fake

That beauty that matters can only be seen through your actions and words Not on some screen

What I'm trying to say is who you are is ok Love yourself there's no other way If people don't like it that's their personal issue

You are more than your scar tissue Your scars represent the pain you survived Every burning tear that rained down your face got you here But you have to fight to in order to thrive

You are not to be fixed and stitched You don't have to be a pincushion to be desired, to be admired You are to be accepted and loved Yes find someone who does

They tell us we're worth it and then point out our biggest insecurities As if it's something we didn't already know Own who you are and aspire to be worth yourself Because you are more than worth it You are above

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