I Miss You

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This was a poem that I wrote back in high school and I just felt like sharing it with everyone.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Everyone knows that someday death will come,

but not always when he will arrive.

He comes like an univited guest

when people least expect him to,

or like a relitive you don't wish

but they come anyway,

I miss you,

Many of us don't wish for death,

yet he always finds a way to take us

to a place for our souls,

he is sly to slip his self inside people,

he wraps himself around people with out a sound,

I miss you,

He knows his way to all people

as though he can just feel,

there is no other explination for it

he finds he way to us all

it's like he is numb to all other feelings

it does not matter our strength

does not matter our age

he will take when ever he pleases

he does not care if people need us

I miss you,

We have to live our life

with a roll of the dice

we never know when it will be our turn

we never know if we will burn

so we just live

until it's our time

I miss you.

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