King-Wolf 2: A new beggining

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



It’s been confirmed that Kane is now the King wolf, and Raven is all grown up to be part of the pack, and to be trained. Everything Magnus taught Kane, Kane did the same for Raven, Kane was thinking to have a Queen Wolf in the pack, when Kane told Raven the good news she accepted, and said thanks Kane! He told Raven when Dad trained me, I passed the same like you did today, when he died he said I could be the King wolf, and cause I’m in charge, I wanted to have a queen wolf! and that made me choose you, well done Raven you deserve it, they went to go tell their mum and the pack the good news, they were so proud of her. Kane and Raven saw two deer’s wandering in the forest, they rushed from the cave to the forest and uses their sharp teeth to attack, lots of blood and gore, they bit them four times and took the bodies back to the cave and started to eat. Kane, Scarlet, Raven and the pack went to a house past the forest in the north, and was like a pepping-tom! watching the house, they howled at the moon, when the family heard the howling noise, they looked from the window, then the pack vanished, a fact about wolves, they run fast, and never hesitate them because they’re too aggressive. Two guys wanted to go wolf hunting, Zelda and Flash went into the forest, Zelda approached the men and one of them shot Zelda with a Rifle, Flash and the rest of the pack stayed together, when the guy shot again the dickhead had no ammo and he said Fuck! He ran, the pack together chased and hunted him down, bit him into pieces, the other guy said please don’t hurt me! you got five seconds to get in your car and get the fuck out of here this is our turf, im going! He quickly got in his car and left their territory. What should we do with Zelda’s body? We should bury it near the cave, they all agreed! When they finished doing that, they decided to have the man’s body for dinner, as they were eating, their mouths and teeth were covered in blood. they are good wolves, when they are eating human-beings and pretty much anything, while covered in blood, makes them pure evil! Sometimes they attack for a reason, and, no reason! they are the most dangerous animals in America. The wolf pack contacted Magnus and Zelda in the sky, howling at the moon, Zelda tells them to be safe and strong, they all told Magnus the good news about Raven with her training, and Kane picked her as the Queen Wolf, Magnus thanked Kane and everyone for looking after Raven, I love you Scarlet he says! I love you too Magnus! They all had a good day, after contacting Zelda and Magnus, it was time for them to hit the sack. In the morning, the pack was gathered around the house past the forest, a guy named Chris went outside, and he saw the wolves standing there, he quickly got inside the car! the pack started to attack his car while he was in there, lucky he had time to drive off, and escape! They left the house! and made their way back to the cave.












The pack were feeling hungry and dehydrated they went to a secret passage area heading south, The secret room had lots of food and drinks, they were wondering if Magnus knew the place, how he used to be the King Wolf he invented every place part of the north, east, south, and west, because Kane and Raven are now the King and Queen Wolf! they get more rights to the place that Magnus has Created. Abort! Abort! A plane has crashed on the pack’s Territory, three men and three women holding guns, getting into position Flash speed and Growled to attack one of the men he quickly aimed his fire, he whimpers! and falls straight to the ground, while blood is covered on him. The pack decided to bury Flash with Magnus and Zelda near the cave they all did a eulogy about the three of them and did the signal by howling at the moon, Kane is afraid because he doesn’t want to lose anyone else they all told him were a family we are not going anywhere we will always stick together as they all hugged for a happy moment Kane went to lie down and close his eyes he was falling asleep until a nightmare made him angry and scared he was crying and having a meltdown the pack had to calm him down, the nightmare was about Magnus, Zelda and Flash it made Kane so terrified, the pack looked after Kane by giving him some water, and relaxing, when he was feeling better, he went back to sleep. In the morning, they had breakfast, then the pack went to look at the ocean, and remember the good memories they had with Magnus, Zelda, and Flash they will always be remembered, but never forgotten.

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