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My story is a Sci-fi epic set in modern times. Humans exist on thousands of planets spanning the milky way. Humans from many worlds have discovered deep space travel, and joined their numbers together forming a utopian society. Earth is NOT the primary birthplace of humanity, and in fact, few humans know of its existence. Earth is nothing more than another backwater planet. The galaxy is at an uneasy peace, and corrupt governments commit atrocities. A mysterious group called Shadow, consisting of a group of super soldiers and some of the best minds humanity has to offer police the galaxy, and are considered terrorists. Their power is vast and they have the means to send thousands of droids into a combat zone. Shadow is looking to recruit a new member: a fourteen year old girl named Karen Rain who lives on Earth. Unknown to her, they have wanted her in their organization since the day she was born because she is the reincarnation of an extremely skilled warrior. They have been watching her since she was a child, and her destiny will soon be revealed. Fair warning: The story is filled with foul language and very, very graphic violence. Please leave a comment if you like my story. Hell, leave a comment if you hate it.

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White Trash

Submitted: June 20, 2017

In this chapter, Karen goes through another day of high school. She seeks a relationship with a friend who has never seen her in that way. An enemy has plans to make her life a living hell. A strange, vivid dream may be more than it seems. Read Chapter


Submitted: June 22, 2017

Karen confronts John. Sarah confronts her. Her boss at work scolds her for not being assertive with rude customers. The reason why Karen hates her father is revealed. Read Chapter

Things Escalate

Submitted: June 25, 2017

Sheena encounters a wolf. Karen makes a shocking discovery. Sarah puts her plan into action. Karen finally manages to be more assertive at work. Read Chapter