Hardy Hart-Heart To Heart

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written August 4, 2014 true account of ancestors.....facts, dates, times, names, culture, place, and experiences are all correct.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



 Heart To Heart

Hart To Hart

By Faye Collum Fairley


Sitting quietly at the end of the long dusty road, nestled under two mighty oak trees, was a little four room house with a big front porch.  Out behind the house was an old outhouse, with a worn path leading up to the back of the house.  The big oaks stretch out their limbs to protect the small farmhouse from threatening rays of sunlight. The yard is perfectly swept dirt; not one blade of grass appears over the entire yard.  To the west of the house, a broken fence separates the house and barn.  Chickens were busy pecking around in the yard oblivious to anything else going on.


This scene was typical of the early 1840’s.  There were no lawn mowers, so grass was taboo in the yard.  The yard was kept swept clean with brush brooms. There were no air conditioners, thereby making the oak trees indispensible.  Indoor plumbing was not yet a luxury, hence the outhouse in the back.  The well was sitting to the east of the little house, but mostly shaded by the mighty trees. 


This could have been the scene of the home of Hardy Hart, son of the only daughter of William Collum (1750).  Hardy was first married to a lady named Nancy McLendon.  He and Nancy married in 1826.  They had three beautiful daughters.  The third of the daughters was born in June 1840.


 None of the research reveals the reason, but his wife Nancy died within three months of giving birth to little Nancy Catherine.Life was tough for Hardy.  He had lost his precious wife, and now had an infant daughter, and two small daughters to care for.  One month later, little Nancy Catherine also died.  He was alone with two small girls, ages 2 and 3. Devastation ruled his every move.


 In only two short months, Hardy’s world had been turned upside down, leaving him so desolate.His inner strength and determination soon surfaced, and Hardy knew what must be done. Struggling with anger and frustration, I’m certain that many times he felt like throwing in the towel.  With regained vigor, he gripped reality head on, and took the steps needed to make a life for himself and his daughters.  He had to find a mate and a mom for his girls!

After two years of struggling alone, he married a lady named Milly Stokes.  She was 27 years old.Hardy had just reached his 40th birthday.  Hardy and Milly had four children.  They enjoyed a full life together, watching the children grow up and give them grandchildren.  Hardy lived to be 80 years old.

The old place is worn through the years.  The family is more humble for the tears.  The family gained strength through their fears.


The tragedies had turned into triumphs for Hardy and his girls.  The new family unit grew in love and strength.  What incredible strength and resilience these early ancestors possessed!  How very fortunate we are to have predecessors such as these.  We can only hope that our descendants can one day say the same about us.

The End

Hardy Hart 1802-1882 son of Mourning Collum 1783 and Marmaduke Hart 1780 children of Hardy Hart:  Lydia 1837, Caroline 1838, Catherine 1840, Elizabeth 1843, Warren 1845, Nancy 1847, Seaborn 1850



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