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Alford Collum

By Faye Collum Fairley


Alford Collum was born in 1812. He was only 11 years old when his mom died.No record indicates definitive proof, but it is my conjecture that she died in childbirth.  Her last son was born in 1823.  That was the year she died.

When Alford was 19 years old, he selected a 19 year old bride.  On July 14, 1831 Alford and Sarah Morris were married in Crawford, Georgia.

Their family started in 1833, with a son.  Alford and Sarah became proud parents of 6 boys and one girl.  The daughter Catherine, incidentally, must have been the most guarded girl in history.  When she married, I’m certain there were no questions about his motives.  After dealing with so many brothers, only true love could have survived the courtship. 

Alford’s world fell apart soon.  A simple note on genealogist paperwork was:  “died of childbirth”.  No explanation of which child, or what year.  Since Jesse Collum was her last recorded birth, it is safe to assume this is the childbirth that claimed her life.  On the other hand, there could have been another birth after Jesse that was not reported for some reason. 

With a broken heart, Alford was crushed, but six children to care for was a bigger purpose for carrying on.  Alford married again.

Elizabeth Cutts was his second wife.  They were married January 27th, 1865 in Randolph, Georgia.Tragedy again was on his doorstep.  Elizabeth died within months of their marriage.  No explanation is known of the cause of death.  Perhaps someone reading this story could reveal some answers.

Alford Collum, blacksmith by trade, could not stay at home and care for children; he was probably feeling hopeless, having already lost two wives.  The need for a help-mate required him to marry for the third time.  On April 10, 1866 Alford married for the third and last time to Eunicy Lee, in Dawson Georgia.  She was 26, and he reached his 54th birthday the same year.

In 1867, Eunicy gave birth to her first child.  His children now had a mother, he had a mate, and their new family had started.  Life was good.

 The following year, the family welcomed a set of twins, Robert and Belle.  These twins and the toddler kept them on their toes.  Life was hard on good days; for Eunicy, life had to be very difficult.

Four more children were born to this large family.  The oldest children had married, with families of their own.Alford and Eunicy were happy, it seemed they had evaded adversity, and life was wonderful.This changed in 1881; Eunicy gave birth to her second set of twins.  The twins were named Trudie, and Alford.  Little Alford only lived a few hours. 

His 17th and last child was born in 1884.  Alford lived another nine years.  During the remainder of his life, he enjoyed his children, and grandchildren.  His lovely wife Eunicy also enjoyed life full of love and laughter; she died in 1903 at 63 years of age. 

Alford and Eunicy were two examples of how our ancestors met challenges and overcame adversity.  This family rose above hardships of colossal proportion.  These are our ancestors.These are our examples.  These are our heroes. 

The End


Alford Collum 1812-1893- son of John Collum 1780-1844 and Catherine 1780-1823

Children of Alford:  James 1833, John B 1835, Pinckney P. 1836, Sterling C.  1838 Catherine 1841

Tillman 1846, Jesse 1850, Willie Belle 1868, Robert Lee 1868, William 1870, Willie Ann 1870,

George W. 1872,  Lucy E 1876,  Martha B 1879,  Trudie E  1881,  Paul Alford 1881,

And Johnnie Mae 1884

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