The Giant: Murpurgo's Story.

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This is the story of a man who was over seven and a half feet tall.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Everywhere he went, people stared and gawked.  It was hard not to notice him: Murpurgo was extremely tall: well over seven and a half feet in height.  

As a child, he had been showing unusual growth; at two, he was the size of an average seven year old; at thirteen, he was well over six feet tall ... and still growing!  He had massive hands, almsot like dinner plates, they were so huge, and his feet boasted shoes, extra wide, size 18!  The cause of his unusual height? A tumor (non-cancerous) in his pitiutary gland in his brain.  The tumor was subsequently removed (the surgery was successful), but he would probably reach well over seven feet in height, according to his doctors.

Murpurgo was mercilessly teased by the smaller, more "normal" kids in his neighborhood and in his school; he had very few friends and he often felt like an outsider (as if his immense size wasn't already target enough for their bullying tactics).  He often felt like running away from home where he could join the circus; the circus would be more suitable for a guy of his size, he reasoned.  And that is exactly what he did.

At the age of fourteen, just a year later, Murpurgo was given star billing at a small (but reputable) circus.  "See the world's biggest, tallest boy!" the signs boasted.  People came from miles around to see this monolith of a person; they were stunned, absolutely gobsmacked, at just how huge he really was.  He became successful and eked out a pretty penny (or two), just for showing his size to the people who flocked from miles around (and even afar).

It was while in the circus where Murpurgo met, fell in love, and eventually married Zoey the Tattooed Woman.  God, she was beautiful: she had gorgeous multicolored designs all over her slim, lithe body, and her hair was brown, thick, and cascaded down her supple back like a waterfall.  Her eyes were emerald green and her face was heart-shaped and absolutely perfect.  She didn't seem to care that her boyfriend was so much bigger than she: she saw Murpurgo for his generous, compassionate heart and loving nature, and she loved him unconditionally.

Zoey and Murpurgo's wedding was the talk of the town.  Circus and non-circus folk came to see the nuptuals and congratulated the newly wed couple on a long, happy, prosperous life.  Immediately after their marriage, the couple decided to try to have a family, but alas: they couldn't have children, which devastated them.  They wanted to adopt, but adoption agencies turned them down, one right after the other: they felt the couple and their livlihood was not compatible for a child in need of a permanent home or family.

To aid in their grief, the couple threw themselves into their circus act.  The circus was the only life they knew and loved; they were looking forward to having a long life together.  If they couldn't have children (or adopt), then they'd bring joy to not only children, but to grownups around the nation.  But then Murpurgo started showing signs of health problems and became sick; Zoey became concerned, so she took her husband to the doctor.  The doctor was worried about some things, so he had Murpurgo admitted into the hospital, where he underwent an exhaustive battery of tests.  Tests later revealed that Murpurgo had cancer, and by the time the cancer was discovered, it had spread throughout his body.  The cancer was the malignent, fast-killing kind, the type that would claim a victim in less than a year's time.

The news was heartbreaking for Murpurgo and his love.  He would have to give up the circus life he loved; and she would have to become his caretaker.  Right up to the end, Zoey stayed by his side, tending to her sick husband and providing for his every request; even during the down times she loved him and would do everything under her power to help him beat this thing called cancer.  But it was not to be: three months later, Murpurgo breathed his last; he died peacefully, with Zoey and the circus troupe surrounding his sickbed.  Lots of tears were shed as they said their goodbyes to this very special, if unusual, man.  Even fans had come to pay their last respects.  The funeral was well attended and many people sobbed as they recalled their memories of this gentle giant with the big heart, who often thought of others besides himself.

*To be continued!*

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