sundown in silenced storms

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



The cold mist floats. Into a hindered soul . Clinging on to a love forever bold. Gravel scarred hands, Caress the sunshine bands. She hides her emotion trains. That departed my life away. I can't being her the light. For it stays forever night. Seal my opening , my savior . Unite the love within a favor. Years have yearned the fragile tears. Succumbed by hate of the jealous peers. Cry...

Dearest, weep the fears you're missing . All our time can't be given back. Shut your eyes , and scare the reasons . That cursed you and your seasons. Mindless empty , vacant motives. Out of love, a heart's erosion. So sad. When it fails, We live. I can't grasp your hands. They are thinning sand. Fortune longing for the risen. Fiction ties that can't be given ... love. Stand in pain , A rose of shame. That heated misery and burned away. My dreams are haunted . By your face ... of grace. Beauty takes the place. And I cry...

Farewell silence in the sun fall. That mutters redemption , in a voice that calls ... for me. Losing sleep , I am so tired. Of living on a wire. Out of dusk on a gentle dawn. That held love in winds so strong . Holding tight to what we're missing. Hearts are racing to the sensation ... Of the lost. When it fails , We try. To dry these bleeding eyes. When I can , I won't cry.... Bloom again ,my rose. I'll always love you .. I suppose.

Tainted screams of haunted dreams. Disappear into the streams. Of happy tears. We unite again .. After all these years. Love has came around. We kiss again. .. In the silence .. Of sundown.

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