Jupiter's Slave Bell

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Ignite the flames of Laramie. We must burn away serenity. It captures aged hearts deprived of love's vanity. Listen close my starlit glow. Minced fashion roams from home. We need to be real again. Collect the sorrow from the dead. Visions of murder dance in my head. To the ode I pray. The last rose of summer will stay.

I fell ill inside eternal winters. I stood still beside eternal flame. I saved your heart. That was crying in the rain. Torture to be born again. Baby snail , she crawls. To me for a thousand years. Rest easy quiet Mary. You'll soon hold tight to your son. As the prophecy shines. I slaughter all her lies. For just one more peaceful day. The last rose of summer will stay.

She put the key in a cupboard, Twisted up my soul . Cursed me with darkness , in a finger clawing hole. Where light never points the way. To the good that's holding a stray. .. Child of my heart. Deep quiet memories. They seep strangely in the dawn. When I find a glimpse of truth. The last rose of summer is gone.

We have to mitre , put a bliss in the fire. Smother the conviction. Of a failed blood in repentance. Does he look like me ? A man that wants to be free ? Mortal forces , Gauntlet dancing dreams. That sounds my ears , with a lovely melody. It can't bring us back . The last rose ... is under attack.

Bring me the child. That once grew to fame. Shining like it's mother. With my love up in flames. Drink this last toast. To the one that loved me the most. .. before he died. In the dark I stay. Forever ... To the rose .. A slave. ..

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