Ember Arachnid

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Cleptic insomnia. Kills us all. We need protection , from the steeple's fall. Cringe the light of life. Behold the narcoleptic night. Under siege , The victims seize. Losing faith upon their knees. She bides the hand of time. That made faded love so devine. Disarm me with a smile. And drag you in with me too . I need a heart. To make me young again.

Strolling is the desperado. Falling sick to a wreck of bravado. A frontwards smile is so hideous. An inner soul so fastidious. All is fable. I'm too lost and forever feeble. I need a heart to connect the cable. To keep my love alive.

Bullet powder And hand gun chowder. Dinner for a heart's true power. Find me ' Like I need you to. Drag me in there with you to. It's close enough to smell the embers. That burn the reasons I surrender . To fate. Death is fashionably late. Hold it a little tighter. . I need a heart to love the fire.

Until peace is free. We shall be in misery. Within a love so cold. Aging up with mold. It is never easy . To pray the forces to change the scenery. All is dark .. I need a heart to ignite a spark . Yet here I lay. In the straights of dire. Passing by a thousand years. As I dream of brightness and count the spiders... Love is forever away..

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