Atom Adore

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



A butterfly with a black heart. Visits me lifelessly . Longing for rejuvenation . For the pain that crossed the sky. Bruna shallows , Stands in the shallows. Waiting for my memory . She comes to part the clouded eyes . That hemoraged on love and brutal demise. Beauty can be so ugly. When the time has cried. So she lives on eternity. She can never die.

Simulation of a rain. Hides behind a mask of shame. Bitter sweet to the taste. Devoured by the mouths of babes. Hand it to the one. The chosen held the gun. That is loaded with a ton. My heart is an atom. I need hopeful passion. To tread thunder , in a silent stye. Rule me , carve me , and hold me tight. It's the calling of your life. Walk in a pupil stage. Transforming into rage. Beauty forever scorned. A love forever mourned. I ask the future why? I can't own the black heart . Of my final butterfly.

The punished have reached a verdict. Send me away with a kiss of hatred. Beauty can carry poison. That trickles nightmares like interfusion. He claims to be a saint. A god of love with a heaven that shrugs. A real existence from up above. In her gentle stares . Is a love that bares. A truth , Yet he is blind. Window vision . Clear as day. He let the butterfly fly away. Her heart has healed and Home has found. A new love who is around. His heart is an atom. Why does he adore her ? If it's a cold red hand he wants. It's a blue corpse he'll get. She forever cries. ..

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