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chapter 1 of a short story based in the year 2237. a man wakes up on his 250th birthday

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



 Chris was awaken by his sister, Stephanie. Her surprise wake up meant it must be January 30th again, his birthday. He found it somewhat remarkable at her ability to keep a childish elation to birthdays, what with her having had 246 of them herself. Chris only had to think for an instant of how old his sister was.

In the year 2115, Chris became one of the first humans to transfer his mind into an artificial brain. He was selected because of his contributions to furthering the human race, as well as his age. Others had volunteered as well, but Christopher Miller was the oldest on the list at 128 years old. He was ecstatic to find out that his chance of living past 300 just went from 30% to 90%. This morning he just remembered everything he lost though.

“Today is the big one,” Stephanie exclaimed as he sat up in bed. “The first person in our family to turn 250! That's a quarter of a Millennia, remember how big of a deal mom and dad made when you turned 25? They were so proud of their oldest son hitting a quarter Century, imagine how proud of you they would be now! You just continue to be the first in our family, you were the first to get a PhD, the first to receive a nobel prize in physics, and now the first one to reach the big 250! I'm so proud of you Chris”

“Why would you bring any of that up today,” Chris asked in antipathy. He had made it clear multiple times he didn't want to discuss his parents, or worse, Nicole. When Chris had is mind uploaded, he couldn't present it to show his family. This meant they could all potentially live forever. His family was all he had. Though he had grown apart from them in his 30's, his 90's had caused him to grow an even stronger connection to them.

His 3 wives had all left him, and all for the same reason. Chris had continued to give more attention to his work than he did to them. Each time he felt like he had the same conversation. “Why can't you understand,” Chris would ask, “everything I do is for you. I'm trying give you a better world to live in, and one day a better universe!” Each time they would leave. It was after Chris's third wife left that he realized he needed to cut back on his work. It was already expected that before he turned 150, humanity would find a way to extend a life to near an infinite possible years. That's when he turned back to his family.



“It's a totally safe procedure Mom,” Chris explained. “What they do is remove just a portion of your brain at a time and replace it with an artificial portion. They've been doing that for years to cure brain diseases, just now they're replacing the whole brain over 2 years. If you get this done, you can replace everything organic in your body with something artificial. Then, as long as you upkeep your body, you can live forever, just as long as you don't sustain too much damage without getting repaired.”

“Your father and I understand the concept Christopher, but we have no desire to live forever. Our parents passed long ago and we're grateful for the many years we've had on this planet, but we plan on letting the Lord take us when he desires it. It isn't good to try to play God Christopher. Eventually everyone must die, do you think He would appreciate you trying to Jew him out of your own death,” His mother asked.

“First of all Mom, we've been over this. You can't use the word Jew as a derogatory slur-"

“Oh come now, you know I have had my brain slightly enhanced. I think faster than I speak, and I wouldn't say something inappropriate to someone I wasn't comfortable with,” explained his mom.

“Fine, but that brings up my second point. What if you're wrong, what if there is no God? What if this life is all we have? Do you really want to give it up based solely on faith,” Chris questioned. “Even if God is real, even if everything we grew up learning in the church is real, why would he give us the ability to live forever if he didn't want us to use it?”

“That's what we love about you Christopher, you always think things from all angles. But even when you lose us, you'll still have your sisters. One day the 3 of you will join us in Heaven, but until then, you keep making mankind better”



“Chris, I know you miss them. I do too. Please don't push me out, all we have left is each other,” Stephanie said. “What happened to Nicole wasn't your fault either, it was a freak accident.”

“No Steph, all I have left is you. You still have your children. I never got around to kids because I was too busy trying to get the point where I could keep everyone. I was arrogant and selfish and thought 'If I just keep working, then I'll never lose anyone.' My work drove off Jessica, Katie, and Rebecca. I made the world a better place for everyone else, but I didn't do it for them, I did it for me, because I was too afraid to lose anyone. Of course the Universe wouldn't let that slide, it's too much of an ironic asshole for that, so it had to take almost everyone I loved and-"

“Chris!” Stephanie had to shout it as he didn't even hear her the first 2 times she said his name. “I know, believe me I know. I've been hearing this same thing every time I see you since Nicole died. That was 6 years ago. It's time to move on”

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