Power and the Powerless

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A look at how power controls society.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



1: Power is a force as great as the earth's gravitational pull when enough is applied.  People are no less inclined to submit to power than they are to gravity.  It is a subtle force, but it is omnipresent and persuasive, convincing people that they should offer up to it their servitude for the whole of their lives.  Developed in secrecy, power resides in the shade, obscured by shadows -- however, its presence is felt by everyone.  People are willing to pay it their taxes, fight in its wars and remain in a state of serfdom.  Power is a god, and it demands obedience.

2: It can be asserted that war is never engaged in for legitimate reasons.  Nevertheless, conflicts continue to develop.  There is always a greater power behind the decisions made, and those in power regard war to be profitable and conducive to their ulterior agendas.  Because the conscience of the moral man would stand in opposition to senseless war, it must appeal to the sensibility of the masses.  Thus the use of propaganda in the media becomes commonplace, and before too long people will invest themselves in it.

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