Storms and Shadows

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The next adventure in the tale of the Night Warriors as The Crimson Storm and old and new allies face off against their toughest opponents yet in the forms of both a government agency bent on locking them away and The mysterious Shadow Legion. Will they be able to overcome or will the weight of the world come crashing down around them

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Storms and Shadows: Rise of the Legion A man runs through the alley throwing things behind him screaming "Get away from me!" a voice says “Im not going to kill you, stop running.”He stumbles and is struck by an unseen force. He gets up and runs inside the first unlocked door he finds. He looks around the factory he's in. He's suspicious of every sound he hears. He picks up a large wrench and swings at the unseen entity. He goes upstairs and hears the crackling of electricity and he swings the wrench again but is grabbed by a shadowy entity and thrown downstairs across the building and hits the far wall. He is grabbed by a man who appears out of nowhere in a flash of Red lightning. The man says "Are you the Crimson Storm. Why are you doing this." The man in lightning says "I am not the Crimson Storm I am Speed King kneel before me or you will die by my hand. The wounded man kneels and hears a sound that only he seems to be able to hear. Another figure walks up and the sound gets louder. Then he says “you can't kill me."Speed King says to him " I did not say anything about them." The silhouetted figure then launches itself at him and everything goes black. The shadow figure rises up and places his left hand in with the others when the sound-emitting figure says "Step one is complete Mr. Smit is dead l, now to begin phase 2, destroying the Night Warriors!!." Speed King then says "we are the Legion and are forces are one." He and the others rings glow and they all release a flash disappearing in the light as police officers flood the factory discovering the body Geno Davis walks down the hall of the capitol building and enters the courtroom that the committee on specials. As he walks in he sees his friend Robbie sitting up front preparing to adress the room. Robbie has his work cut out for him considering the murder of the mayor of Washington D.C., Devon Smit and Robbie being the only one on the committee in support of the specials. Geno looks at the bench and sees the rest of the comittee walk by, headed by Marie Hatcher. Geno looks at her seeing the resemblance between her and her two kids Decibelle and Sound Wave.She spearheads the fight to arrest specials on sight and the death of specials advocate Mayor Smit only strengthened support for her cause. As Senator Hatcher calls the room to order she announces to the room "Ladies and Gentlemen we are here to decide once and for all what to do about the rising special human population. For those who dont know ever since the monster rise-up ten years ago we have rebuilt the damage to our cities all over the world but we have also been seen the rise of more special humans. Since then evidence of the danger they pose continues to build. Therefore in my opinion bill x5 must pass but i digress. Mr Timms present your case." Robbie stands up and begins presenting evidence of the specials before the rise of the monsters. Geno looks behind himself and sees a flash of lightning. He walks towards the exit and as soon he is clear he walks into the restroom and takes off, clad in his crimson storm gear after the trail of lightning. He chases is around the capitol never managing to catch up. He finally gets close and the figure makes an instant turn something crimson storm cant even do. The figure stops and Geno sees a man clad in silver S.W.A.T like armor. The figure winks at Crimson Storm and takes off as Geno hears a slight ticking. He runs towards the comittee room and as he opens the door and explosion goes off sending him flying through a window behind him. He tries to stand but he is unable to and looks around as everything goes fuzzy and he hears ringing nothing but ringing and blackness falls upon him. Reqper and the newest memebers Night Warriors Adam and Eve, Hunter, Cryonic, and Techno sit around the room look at the news showing the carnage at the capitol. Eve says “What happened?” Reaper says “A bomb went off and they're saying a special human was responsible.” Hunter says “So what does this mean. They are gonna hunt us down like animals like i’ve been saying.” Reaper tries to calm down Hunter says “No Im done with you and these losers who aren't going to do anything about it. Im going to take care of them myself.” He uses his powers to disappear as if in the wind. Cryonic exclaims “He’s lost it but he was a huge ally his nature powers were unrivaled.” Reaper says “He will come back to his senses but in the mean time Techno keep an eye on the internet buzz let us all know what else happens from Congress and the White House. Im going to check on Geno, Robbie, and Tenae.” He apparates away. Adam says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Robbie wakes up stumbling around as EMTs and police surround the scene unaware that his powers protected him from the explosion. He hears Marie Hatcher yelling “I told you these special humans are dangerous, they need to be dealt with NOW.” She is pulled off into a nearby ambulance. Robbie checks his arm and says to himself “Prosthetic is functional, thats a good sign.” He stands up and looks around he sees Tenae running towards him. He braces himself as he is almost bowled over as she hugs him. She cries while saying “I seen what happened from the hotel and rushed over I was so scared you didn't make it out” Robbie replies “I didn't but thank heavens for pyrokinetic abilities.” He chuckles as she punched his arm.tenae wipes the streams of tears and asks “Where's Geno?” Robbie tells her “Don't know, I was just about to look for him.”Tenae grabs his hand and says “Let's go.” They scour the rubnle not seeing Geno amongst the dead. Robbie looks up and sees a storm raging over a nearby parking structur. He gestures to Tenae and she sees it. They both head to its roof and see Geno holding his mask in hand and brooding while looking at the nearby devastation. He says “I saw the guy. I had him right in front of me but I wasnt fast enough to stop him. It was like standing in front of Midnight for the first time all over again.” Geno looks at them with tears in his eyes. Robbie says “Geno it wasnt your fault, the bomber did this.” Geno responds “So the bomber was the one who froze and allowed this massacre to happen?” Geno shakes his head and says “I gotta go i-i-i can't right now i need to clear my head.” As he finishes his sentence he takes off in his usual blue and red way. Reaper pings in on Robbie’s communicator “Are you guys ok?” Robbie responds “Sort of. Where are you?” Reapers tells him hes outside of the crime scene. Robbie says “We’re on this parking structure to the north come get us and take us to base. We need to talk to the others. Reaper says “Ok, hold on tight” Then in a split second Tenae and Robbie disappear in a wiff of smoke. Tenae loses her balance after Reaper apparates them into the Night Warriors HQ and says “Still ain't used to that.” Reaper tell them about Hunter and Robbie says “We’ll worry about that later.” and goes to rest for a minute. Robbie wakes up and heads into the main room.The others begin entering the room and Robbie explains what happened when Techno suddenly displays a video of President Donaldson. The Warriors hear “Todays attack at the congress was an unwarranted blight on american society by a group of people who we trusted and who we attempted to help. Immediately I am activating the team protected under Bill X5 that will hunt down these criminals and bring them to justice. Todays losses will never happen again under my watch. The team will be led by my personally appointed captain, former leader of Seal Team 6 and a close personal friend, Marcus Grohl. For the american citizens who are afraid these men will take care of these monsters and God Bless America and for the Night Warriors may God have mercy on your souls. The warriors begin to panic after it. Robbie calms them down “We are going to make it through this we just need to remain calm.” Then suddenly and explosion blows out the wall and armed men rush in and begin firing. Tenae uses her gravity to drop the bullets. One man throws a flashbang grenade stunning some of the Night Warriors. Robbie slings fire around keeping them back. One bullet hits Cryonic. He freezes the wound. Eve screams as she gets grabbed from behind and pulled away into the darkness. Adam turns and runs after her. Reaper yells “ADAM, EVE!” He runs and looks at them being dragged away into a van loaded with tech all over it. He runs back to the group and tells them. Robbie hollers “Night Warriors we are leaving! Lock up!” The remaining heroes join hands and Reaper says “Hold on tight!” They all suddenly vanish into thin air. The soldiers gather everything around and Captain Grohl walks in and says “Men, looks like we’ve got ourselves a hunt” as his eyes glow bright yellow.

Geno looks around his hotel room and sets his Crimson Storm suit in the suitcase. He says to himself “Not going to wear this again, I Don't deserve it. He walks out of the room and heads out of the hotel. He walks downtown and looks how much Seattle has changed. He stops and looks at the Crimson Storm and Vape statue. He scoffs and walks away. He bumps into his old flame Jennifer. They immediately lock eyes and she hugs him saying “Geno! Its you I havent seen you in forever! He reponds “Yeah, it's been a long time.” She asks him if he wants to get coffee. He says “Sure why not.” They sit down at the little café and Jennifer asks about D.C.. He responds softly “Jen I-I wasn't fast enough I couldn't save them.” She responds “Geno I know you, You did everything you could to stop it. Do you remember after That guy came into town and you lost hope after what he did to you and Darren?” He responds while feeling his paralysis inhibitor “How could I forget?” She says “Ok, so after that you fought the darkness and saved those people in the robbery with a spark I never seen in you before. So what's stopping you now?” He kisses her and they both smile.

The Night Warriors fall to the floor and Reaper passes out from the mass teleport. draining the energy out of him. Techno asks him “Where are we?” Robbie looks around and responds “A place of Family.” Three hooded figures walk up and disperse. One tends to Reaper while one flips a switch lighting the room. The third says “Robbie Timms! I thought i’d never see you again!” he embraces him as Robbie says “it's damn good to see you again.” Tenae hugs him and the others after which they’all remove their hoods. The one who flipped the switch Cryonic recognizes as Greg Smith AKA Knighthawke. Techno recognizes the one tending to Reaper with smoke and says “You're Vape!” Then Robbie says “Yes he is and thiis is Han Lei AKA Black Fang. Cryonic and techno introduce themselves as Frost Raymond aka Cryonic and Jimmy Daniels aka Techno. Han says “It is nice to meet you now can you all tell us whats happening out there radios all over are talking about X5. Robbie explains whats going on. Darren says “We need to find Geno because we are going to be better as a full team.” Robbie says “I thought you guys weren't going to be heroes anymore?” Greg says “We are not going to turn back on family.” Han and Darren nodd in agreement. Robbie says “Great! First step is finding out who is behind all of this.”

Grohl looks around the containment units housing various specs with varying powers. One trying to fly its way oit of the cell. Grohl laughs as he says “looks like you're grounded flyboy” another his elemental powers to break the glass. He finally comes to the last one and says “Looks like I got two for one on y’all.” before tapping on the glass. They try to use their speed and strength to break it to no avail. Grohl hits a button shocking them while laughing maniacally. He then he hears a call on his communicator saying “Sir we have a location on Alpha target 1.” He responds “Good, load up we head out in 10” He hits another button shocking them all before he cuts the lights out and shutting the door behind him. Jen and Geno walk down the street still talking when the light around them go out and a shadowy figure clad in silver armor appears before them. Geno steps in front of Jen and says “You! Im going to let you get away this time.” He fires a bolt at him. The figure absorbs it and fires it back. The figure walks toward them and says “You couldn't stop me then and you can’t stop me now besides you have more a pressing issue to deal with!” He zooms past Geno and disappears with Jennifer. Geno screams “Jen!” All of the sudden armored cars roll up as the lights around him come back on. Men brandishing rifles aim at him when the commander says “Eugene Davis aka Crimson Storm stand still and give yourself up or you will be shot on sight. Geno looks around and raises his hands. Then in a flash of light he knocks out all of them except the commander. Geno says “You picked a bad day to piss me off” The commander hits him with a shadowy blast knocking him back and says “The legion want you alive so that was a warning.” Geno stands up and builds lightning in both hands and claps, creating a blinding light. When the light secedes Grohl looks around with Crimson Storm nowhere to be found. Geno runs and runs and sees nothing but the sight of Jen being taken he loses control and stimbles to the ground. In a rage he releases energy throughout his body sending lightning outwards all around him. He calms himself and takes off again this time into the skyline creating a dark red streak behind him. Techno lookd through his device for clues and Greg says “Hey need any help?” Techno responds “No, but thank you.” Greg says back to him “You’re welcome. how long you been with Robbie and Reaper? Techno says “6 months” Greg smiles and tells him “New recruit hang in there one day you’ll have your moment where you teach them instead of them teaching you.” Techno smiles back at him. The door suddenly bursts open and Crimson Storm rushes in. Techno yells “Flare! Crimson Storm is here!” Everyone else runs in and Geno tells them all “I saw him again and he’s got Jen!” Robbie says “What?! How? What did he say?” Geno tells the story “We were walking and he showed up, knocked me on my ass, took Jen, left, and then I ran into the president's leatherhead brigade i took some of them down but the commander he’s a spec human he blasted me with energy kinda like yours Darren.” Darren shocked says “Good thing you guys came here I might have to take this guy out myself.” Geno says “Yeah Darren we need you to take hims down but first we find Jen.” Darren nodds and everone hugs Geno. Afterwards, Geno mentions the Legion remark from Grohl and Techno has an epihany. He tells everyone i saw something from Marie Hatcher’s file. She owned a club called Legionnaires. They all suit up and ask Robbie what the plan is. He responds first things first we gotta do something about Grohl. He might have an idea of where Jennifer is. Geno says “I got him.” Robbie nodds and Darren says “Not without me your not.” Geno says “No one else I’d rather have by my side brother” and they clasp hands discharging smoke and sparks. Robbie “Ok,we also need to find where they took Adam and Eve. So we’re going to do it like this: Storm and Vape will go after Grohl with Cryonic and Knighthawke as back up.” Those 4 stand by each other and give Robbie the thumbs up. Robbie continues “Reaper you are on standby here in case either team needs instant help out of sticky situations and the rest of us will go to Legionnaires to look for clues.” everyone else nodds and heads to suit up. Geno looks around until Darren walks up already suited and holding Geno’s old suit. He tells Geno “Its not Storm-ish but maybe The Crimson Storm needs to be The Crimson Shock again.” Geno takes it and says “Another Ride of The Electrifying Crimson Shock and his mistifying sidekick Vape?” Darren laughs and says “Sidekick? In your dreams brother.” They share a laugh and a hug when Geno says “Thanks brother.” Darren says “Anytime!” geno suits up and they leave the room. Darren and Geno walk out into the main room and look out at the gathered heroes suited up. Geno steps forward and says “Its been a rough couple of days for us but I want you all to know I wouldn’t change anything its the road weve all been on that has made us who we are and Before we head out I just want you all to know If any of us don't make it back that it has been an honor defending the people of this world with you” The others clap and they all embrace in a group hug. Robbie, Tenae, and Greg wait on a roof across from Legionairres as they see multiple people enter and exit. Han returns from scouting. Han says “I found a hidden entrance, let's go.” Tenae floats herself and Robbie down to the ground while Greg flies down with Han in tow. They all sneak in the door and avoid security guards. One guard spots them but before he has time to react Han ricochets off the wall and tackles him to the ground followed by a swift knockout strike. They find their way to Hatcher’s office and Han listens in on Marie Hatcher yelling out “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ESCAPED?! THAT DAMN PRISON IS WAS SUPPOSED TO IMPENTRABLE AND YOU LET THOSE SPANDEX-WEARING FREAKS WALK RIGHT IN! WELL YOU BETTER FIND THEM OR YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE ONE IN A CELL! Han says “She must be on the phone with the prison. That means Geno and the others at least got the prisoners out.” Greg replies “Yeah but I really hope that they found Jennifer.” Geno, Darren, Cryonic, and Techno arrives on a boly of lightning and in a flash of mist. Techno quickly uses his power to shut down the motion sensors. Techno says “Well motion sensors are down but we have bigger problems i scanned the facility and the prison sub-level and it is armed with with power dampeners, trip-wire floors, motion detector cameras, and automated sentries.” Geno replies “Dont worry, i think I got a pretty good plan.” Darren looks at Geno and says “I know that face, you have something insane planned don’t you?” Geno chuckles and says “Bring it in guys, here is the plan.” Geno blasts around the facility screaming out “GROHL! WHERE ARE YOU COME OUT AND FACE ME LIKE A MAN!” He takes out every guard that tries to attack him until he sees Grohl exit the elevator. Geno yells at him “Where is Jennifer?!” Grohl says “That is for me to know and you not to find out unless you turn yourself in.” Geno blasts in front of him with rage but Grohl doesn't even flinch. Grohl says “I seen bigger and better men do worse than your light show and I never flinched” Geno and Grohl circle each other. Geno says “I am going to make you tell me.” Grohl relpies “You can try.” Geno charges at the blade wielding Grohl.” Geno punches at Grohl with an electrical punch. Grohl swings his blade deflecting the energy. Geno leaps over a strike from Grohl and blasts lightning at him. Grohl rolls out of the way and fires a couple shots at Geno. Geno’s suit stops the bullets. Geno feels the recoil and lands himself. Grohl walks up to him and says “Give up and I will end you quickly.” Geno smirks and says “Why when my job is just about done.” Grohl looks at Geno with a stunned look on his face when he is blasted by a frozen ball of mist from Darren and Cryonic. Grohl looks up and sees the spec-humans he had hunted and captured looking down at him. Grohl hoarsely yells “How did you all escape.” Geno says “You can thank my friend over there who hacked into your suits tech and transfered the data to his phone which he used to disable security measures on the prison floor After Geno explain the means of the prisoner escape. Grohl stands up and begins laughin maniacally and says “Did you really think it was that easy? I let you in” Geno,stunned, asks “Why?” Grohl looks at him and before Geno knows it, his teamates and himself are taken out in the blink of an eye.” Geno looks up and see the armored Speed King standing before him. He tries to stand and screams out “WHERE IS JENNIFER?!” A shadowy figure takes him back off his feet and Grohl kicks him and he blacks out….. Robbie and his group listen through the wall of Hatcher’s office and before they know it Tenae is yanked through the wall and Knighthawke is thrown forcefully through a nearby wall. Han says “Go get Tenae! Ill help Knighthawke. Han runs off in the direction of the behemoth manhandling Knighthawke. Flare blasts down the door and he sees a figure standing there arm around Tenae’s throat. Tenae looks at him and Tenae blasts the assailant away and he phases throught it. Robbie grabs Tenae and they run out the doorway and head down the hall towards Han and Knighthawke’s fight. The giant man throws Knighthawke against Han and when Robbie and Tenae join the fight they all manage to bring the monster man to his knees. Until the phaser grabs Tenae again. This time he knocks her unconscious. Flare is thrown through the floor and he sees Hatcher standing above him. She says “You should've sided with me Timms.” He sees the phaser and the man-beast leaving with Tenae, Knighthawke, and Han. He looks at Hatcher and claps his hands, using the distraction to slip away. He escapes to a nearby roof and he sees his friend loaded into a van. The phaser, the giant man, Hatcher and some other unknown guy in all black, drive off with Robbies wife and friends He calls for help but all he gets is static…. Geno awakes and looks around. He sees that they are at the HQ and he sees all of his teamates except Reaper and Robbie. He looks frantically for them but then he sees Jennifer and he scuttles to her and asks “Im so glad you are ok, did they hurt you.?” before she ca answer the man beast picks her up and stands her by Speed King, Hatcher amd 4 other including the big man. Geno hollers out “If you touch her i’ll kill all of you!” The shadowy figure attacks him. He grimaces from a kick to the ribs. He looks over at his friends all being kicked and beaten by the villains. Grohl walks over amd kicks Geno in the face causing him to black out again. Robbie sneaks past armed guards just outside the base. He looks towards the window and sees Grohl kicking somebody. As he begins to walk toward the side of the base, a guard yells at him “Stop Right There!” As Robbie readies to blast him. Reaper appears and puts the man in a sleeper hold. The man quickly blacks out and Robbie says “Thanks Reaper, Howd you manage to escape?” Reaper tell him of his glorifed game of hide and seek with the Legion, as Reaper heard them refer to themselves. Robbie says “We need to help the others you have any ideas?” Reaper shrugs. Robbie ponders a few plans until he starts to get dizzy. He see Reaper fall to the ground. He turn around and sees the man in black walking up to them as he blacks out. Darren wakes up bruised and battered from the assault from the villains. He looks around and says “Who are you?!” Speed King walks up and kneels beside him and says “We are the Legion of Shadows and you will remember us.” He motions at the big man and says “MassX, Pestilence bring them in!” The big man and the man in black drag in Reaper and Flare who are trying to break free but their bonds block their powers. Lastly MassX brings in Jennifer. Geno loses control and tries his hardest to break free screaming “LET HER GO!” Abyss knocks him back down holding his head up. Darren tries as well but fails also. He looks around and sees the armed men all around. He then looks at Pestilence and sees him wink. Speed King walks over to the three recently brought in captives. He looks at Geno and says “Im feeling nice Crimson Storm, Ill let you pick who dies.” Geno screams as the others also try and break free to no avail. Spped king picks Jennifer and says “how about this one?” Geno gets to his feet ans charges him. MassX clotheslines Geno then drags hims right in front of Jennifer. Speed King raises his blade and as he readies his strike Pestilence removes his mask and reveals himself as Hunter and uses his powers to free all of the warriors. Geno runs towards Jennifer but before he reaches her a gunshot rings out and Geno stops in his tracks as the other Night Warriors gasp as Jennifer's lifeless body hits the ground. Geno sobs as he holds Jennifer's lifeless body. Speed King laughs as he walks around the room abd he says “You did this to yourself, heroics bring you nothing but pain.”Geno looks at Speed King with a murderous glare. He takes off and smashes Speed King through the window. Darren stands up and breaks apart the powerless bonds. He begins balsting armed gunmen. Robbie burns his bonds off and runs to polaris but catches a stray bullet in the side. Cryonic and Hunter join Darren and Han in fighting off soldiers. Grohl begins exiting the bulding. Darren yells “Cover me i’m going after Grohl. Cryonic runs behind him making a shield of ice alongside him blocking bullets. He rejoins the fight after Darren leaves. Techno helps Polaris pull Robbie to the side. MassX begins charging towards them. Polaris weighs him down with her power but he slowly powers through. As he gets closer Reaper jumps on his back and they both disappear. Hunter and Cryonic take out the remaining soldiers. Han looks around and says “I’m going after Geno” He leaps out the window and transforms. Knighthawke stumbles to his feet after finally waking from his beating. He asks “What happened?” Robbie says “I think Geno just lost what was keeping him from killing.” Reaper and MassX fall to the ground of the roof of their base. MassX stands and swings a massive fist. Reaper narrowly dodges it and teleports behind him slicing him with his blade. It has minimal effect and MassX elbows him lnocking to the ground and disorienting him. MassX lifts his foot and energy builds around it as he says “Any last words worm?” reaper shakes his head still dazed. MassX says “Too bad” He slams his foot but Reaper teleports out of the way and MassX’s foot gets stuck and cracks the roof he falls through the roof. Reaper quickly teleports after him he stands by his friends as pieces of the roof fall. He begins grabbing his friends and teleporting them out. Polaris and Flare look at the weak roof and Robbie says “Tenae, I love you.” She responds “I love you too.” She looks up and realizes what he is planning. She smiles and then Robbie burns the remaing structures of the room down. She follows his lead and uses her power to bring the roof and crashimg down on the room MassX is quickly crushed and they kiss as the rest of the room falls and crushes the whole room under debris. Knighthawke looks on as the whole front of their base collapses. He runs towards it but Hunter and Cryonic hold him back. As he struggles to get out of their grip he yells out “ROBBIE!! TENAE!! LET ME GO I HAVE TO HELP THEM!!” Cryonic says “Its no use Greg, they're gone. Knighthawke slumps to the ground. He looks around and says “We have to go, we gotta find the others.” Darren chases after Grohl and catches up to him. Grohl stands before him and says “Now you are not the one i was expecting. I wanted the Hero not the sidekick.” Darren replies “Hero? Im no hero. I've done terrible things but I face my demons everyday and I will hopefully atone for them one day but for now, you just killed my best friend’s love and somebody I've known since my childhood and for that I am going to kill you.” Grohl says “Good luck with that” He hits the center of the suit and he glows with a purple light as he grows in size dwarfing Darren. He stomps but Darren who mists himself around. As he dodges the massive Grohl, Darren yells out “Hey Grohl fun fact, The first villain The Crimson Storm and I fought together was a guy a whole lot bigger than you and guess what, he never learned to protect his gear either.” Just then Reaper and Knighthawke attack him. He swats them away but Cryonic suddely freezes his feet and Vape appears out of nowhere and knocks hims to the ground Techno disables his vision and Reaper quickly teleports the size changing matrix away while Grohl can't see to defend it. The sudden removal of the device causes Grohl to rapidly decrease his size at an unstable rate and before he knows it Grohl shrinks down to nothingness. As the heroes stand around where Grohl was he asks “Where's Robbie and Tenae?” Knighthawke puts his hand on Darren’s shoulder. Darren says “No not them too.” He embraces Greg and the others join in. Geno rapidly hits Speed KIng and says “You are gonna pay for that you bastard!” but the villain quickly flips him over and punches him at a faster speed than Geno and replies “I am the king of speed you are just a pawn who caught a lucky bolt of lightning.” They trade rapid fire blows back and forth. Speed King knocks Geno back to the ground and draws his blade to kill Geno but he is quickly tackled by Han’s wolf form. Han gets a few good clawings in but is quickly whisked away by Speed King. Geno gets up and chases after them. They run dodging obstacles and Speed King alternates between hitting Han, who is transformed back to human form due the unstable nature of the accelerated speed, and dodging lightning blasts from Geno. He drops Han and focuses on Geno who continues chasing after him. They stop at a nearby dam and Speed King says “You couldn't be fast enough to save your girlfriend. How do you expect to be able to be fast enough to catch me?” Geno looks as rage fueled, black and red lightning fills his eyes and says “I can do something you can't.” Speed Kong laughs and says “I doubt that prove it.” Geno leaps and carries Speed King into the sky and Speed King laughs and says “Is this supposed to scare me?” Geno says “No it's going to kill you” Geno flies higher and higher then flies faster than he ever had before and as the gravity causes massive pressure as they near the earth Geno sees one last vision of his best moments of Jennifer and Speed King says “Let me go!” Geno says “This is for Jennifer and everyone who died by your hand!” He slams Speed King into the dam and the water floods and waahes Geno and Speed King downriver. Darren, in his mist form, and Knighthawke fly through the air calling and searching for Geno whiel Reaper teleports about searching as well. Darren looks down towards a massive body of water and sees sparks coming from it. He says into his comms “I think i found him!” The search party regroups near it as Darren drags Geno from the water. Geno coughs and rolls over and spits out water. He says “Where is Speed King?” Darren calms him down, looks over at where Speed King’s floating body must’ve sunk underwater and says “He didnt survive whatever you did.” Geno says “I gave him the Midnight Special with the dam back there, well the dam that used to be there.” He eyes quickly go wide and he says Han! He dropped Han somewhere we have to find him.” Darren replies “Reaper,Greg, and I looked everywhere for both of you and the only one we found is you.” Greg says with tears in his eyes “Geno i’m sorry about Jennifer” Geno holds Greg’s hand and says “Its ok brother, I know she is in a better place. Wait, Where is everyone else?” Darren says “Well the rest of the Legion apart from Hatcher are history including Grohl.Techno and Cryonic are back looking for the specials that Grohl recaptured after the ambush and Hunter is going to DC to begin trying to clean up the mess that the Legion caused and to find Hatcher.” Geno asks “What about Robbie and Tenae?” Knighthawke looks down in tears. Geno sits up and says “They didn't make it, did they?” He looks up and says “We havent lost anybody since that last battle with Midnight Absolution.” They all stand up and Darren says “Its going to be a rough night. We need to start by finding Han. I hope we find him soon.” Geno looks at the sky and says “Han we’re coming Han just hold on.” A storm crackles with lightning and thunder rumbles in this distance as Han’s unconcious body is loaded by men in armored biosuits into a van that says “Olympus” alongside Speed King’s armored corpse….

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