Magic Moments Of Our Lifeline

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For this moment I ask your contribution fulfilling the greatest love for your home. Let us inspire this freshness to be so loved. :)

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



If you are born to dream bigger,

You will awake endless beyond an adventure,

Go further to live larger than life,

If you never imagined how it will be,

Here's a life to enjoy,

Tracks be gone before one teacher,

If you flame your deepest desire utmost loved,

Where passion ignites inspiration within,

You will challenge those unmindful instinct,

If you survive this battlefield with hope,

Where faith driven goodnews serve happiness ahead,

Again happening in unspoken time for endless step,

If your warning signs beats this rhythm,

Faster than a mind living larger than one creation,

Very true love guided by one teacher inspire lifes greatest care,

If you unearthen this moment in loved blessing,

Written within a traveller to believe those legends of visited places,

Your lifetime always wanted to compile this freedom,

If your heart has woven this love,

Made for inspiring people to spurt in dreams,

Your bigger investments always politely welcomed this honour of respect and admiration,

I loved to dream bigger than this milestone ahead,

Where one human family falls on living grace from heaven,

Where our bond of friendship nourish a greatness of one Earthly creation,

Where own loved moments appreciate how simple is life,

Where openness simplify creation so bonded in oneness,

Where outcomes build us towards a offering we need to shape a new destiny,

Together where we travel brighter than all living exclusions,

May you fulfill our greatest longtivity for a duty devoted before Sunrise,

Where we always wanted to drive one time to live larger than this life,

Fulfilling every obligation may spirit our deepenness of kindness for this creation,

Here we spend all our occassion of love and hatred,

Where we invest all our special moments of pain and happiness,

In everything we see God as our maker of consciousness within,

When you follow no evil do no wrong,

When you spring heaviness of this heart,

Always live this moment for fullest,

Still considering a deal life ask you to do more,

Your home runs from some oil to cook daily diet in the kitchen stall,

Our showcase ahead still seek no anger for welfare from all,

In this song of our story from the creator may we contribute for a larger destiny of friendship with all here,

Making a commitment may explore this uncommon note of time and your deeds,

For a meaning fulfill this plan God has made for you,

Where love binds forgiveness,

Where faith gives freedom to forget pain and hardship of human destiny,

In everything you may reach out of this promised land,

Giving each other a day of peace,

Gifting our creation a love of hope,

Gracefuly serving your duty as a creation of true love from God,

Let this magic moments of our lifeline express earnest engagement around here.

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