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Part 2 of ? Dream or nightmare ? Little about me and my dream

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



PART 2: Will I follow Death too?

In Part 1,I told you about a story of a school girl called Grace and her best friend Stephanie. Grace's death and Stephanie's plead to come back to life has been a life and death experience that only they will remember until they leave this world.

This time it's a story about me. My name is.... Well let's just say I'm Snow.... Hahaha... So what I told about in part 1 is.... True but not real. It is something that happened but it was just dream. Basically, I'm writing a short story based on what I dreamt and it felt almost real.... The feeling of death... Dying. Some say is something that you saw or heard recently like the death of a loved one and some say it's a sign of a new beginning. What I say about it is, it was a interesting experience facing the same situation as those two girls.

Science and theory said that humans can have multiple dreams in a days sleep. I guess it's true because after the story ended for Grace and Stephanie....... My story begins.

It started at my home, where I was getting ready to go shopping with my mom. Everything was the same as always, we headed out, went down by elevator and went to the car park and got in the car and drove off. I can't remember everything in my dream, so I'm telling parts that I know. My mom drove us quite far and finally stopped and entered a parking lot, underground. There was friends and family that I never seen in years. As I was waving hello, my mom yelled at me to stop because in reality my family is not so much of a whole family.... It's a broken family on both side of my mom and my biological father.

After she parked the car, I sat on some stairs and waited for my mom. Then she came and told she wants to buy a new processor(computer,just so you know) for both of us, she showed me a catalog. We both chosed which one we want and suddenly I'm back home with the processor.

I might be an adult now, but I've been always quite the problem child that keeps repeating the same mistakes and always getting yelled at. My mom scolded me about something but I don't remember.... I blocked it out of my head. Time went by and it's time to go to bed. It's funny, I dreamt of sleeping in my dream and dreaming in my dream while sleeping in a dream.... Haha.. That almost didn't make sense but moving on!

I was in a situation same as Grace. I was surprised! It did felt calm and peaceful but under it all is a trap to lure broken or weak or intrigued souls to the other side. The place was filled with flowers and the aroma the flowers give out is fantastic. The water flowing through the room was like listening to a song, as a breeze blew by I closed my eyes and took it all in. Death didn't have to say anything, unwavering and voluntarily I picked a BLACK ROSE which signifies DEATH or a NEW BEGINNING....I don't know if it's weird but I love the colour black on a rose.

I smelled the rose, sat down by the bed of flowers taking one last good look around me and finally lying down with a smile, I closed my eyes and went to a sleep like death. As I was doing all that, the goddesses spoke in surprised that how could I just do this without Death telling me about it? And then Death said "well she made it easier for me so whatever, glad she did it fast." The goddesses said in return, "what a cruel thing to say Death. Let's give her the trial to see if she really wants life or death".

My eyes open and I sat up, in front of me was some kind of a screen that I don't remember what was on it and beside was a friend I knew but didn't know who it was......In this trial I was on the screen the whole time mumbling about something while my friend was asking me ,why? It took me awhile to answer back and I didn't pay much attention at first. Like Grace, my eyes were blank and looked lifeless yet I felt that i was normal like I was always was. I told my friend, hey look at this! It's funny right?. My friend was confused, she didnt know what I was talking about. I asked her "can't you see all this? How can you not see it?.....TO BE CONTINUED...

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