Just two average Nigerian youths talking episode2

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017




What’s the problem?

Am tired of this country.

Ha-ha not today again! So what is it again?

I think our well to do fellow citizens is derailing us.

Hmm, you have started again! So how exactly are they doing that?



Yes tax! You see basic things matters a lot. Like how can we all expect the government to do so much for us when we’re the one refusing to do our civic duties? Where are they going to generate the revenue to help us attain our goals? I once overheard a family friend say Nigeria is the best country to live in the whole world and you know his reason? Ha-ha

What’s his reason?

That we all should stop thinking about leaving the country , then he pointed out that if we travel to UK or USA their government will be collecting money (tax) from all our hustle, that its only in Nigeria you will make 1million and that 1million is yours with you paying no tax whatsoever!

So you’re saying Nigerians don’t pay tax?

Of course we do but not all of us. You know how huge our population is?

I know we are 150milion plus.

Exactly, so imagine half of the population paying their taxes and how much revenue that will be generated.

But what have they done with the ones collected?

Ha-ha, Now that’s where we have to go back to examining and asking ourselves questions like, What kind of leaders we should elect because ultimately they’re the ones we’re entrusting with our future and dreams. They’re the ones that will implement those policies that will determine our future. In fact it’s also our civic duty my brother.

If you say so.  Please let’s catch up later my guy I have to start going.

So soon?

I heard N-Power registrations are ongoing! You know we have got to keep collecting from any way we see to survive.

That’s it my brother. No food for a lazy man.



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