The Unworthy

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A short and somewhat strange poem, enjoy!

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



I am the unworthy 


The one you see, but don't acknowledge 


The one who feels like a ghost 


It's like I can walk right through people


My interests and considerations mean nought


All the happy people disgust me


Why are they blessed, even though they take it all for granted?


Where I would do anything for an ounce of attention, to feel the longing of another


I sat alone at the park, a vicious storm brewing, cold angry air blowing in my face


When all emotions fail, I will still feel the wind blowing from afar


The blackened clouds painting the sky in a sombre darkness


My heart no longer beats, but the lighting shatters the skies and the thunders shake the very earth


I can feel something, it is the rage of the storm, the power of the wind and brute of the thunder


It seems that when all emotions fail, the power of our world will still give me strength 


I stood up valiantly, looking into the black maw of the storm, and screamed with all my might 


Fuelled by the potent rampage of the storm


I dropped to my knees with tears streaming down my pained face


The comfort of the storm lending me its grateful hand, lifting me up and taking me away


But when the beautiful storm passes, and the sky is blue and clear, I will once more be the unworthy


Waiting every day for the next storm to come and ease me of my loneliness 


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