House of broken hearts

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Relationship can end in a heartbreak.

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017




You meet someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach. Dreaming from day to day waiting he would answer. He gives you some echos and you smile because you haven't felt so good in a long time. You drown in his eyes and melt in his arms. You promise yourself you won't screw this up. The feeling tickles your body, cold shivers through your body when he touches you slightly. You wait for his call, desire his lips. He is in your mind, he comes to your dreams. When you meet him you can only stutter. You're so weak like a breaking glass. You're ready to do anything for him. You think you are together until death apart you. Love makes you blind, and you don't worry about anything. You believe he is with you tomorrow.

First meeting was just like from the movies, so different than the other stories. You care about him so much it hurts, but when you look into his eyes you fall in love again. You get response, he hugs you gently. You lay next to him, he strokes your back. He grabs you and pulls you under his arm, you think that this is where you belong. Two souls, but the other free bird. Wings made of freedom that your heart wastes away. But you don't care, just rest in his arms. You feel a warm touch in your skin, a shiver. When you go different ways you wait to meet again. You've been hooked since you first met. Did you give your heart or did he just take it?

It didn't go by the script, it just got ugly. You're crazy about him, he makes your heart beat. But when you see him again, he isn't alone. Another person under his arm, 'just a friend' he said. You take a deep breath and wish you were better. But you aren't, you don't hear his calls anymore. He stays in your dreams, you can't stop thinking about him. You wake up in the morning wishing he'd be there. You bomb him with messages, smile when you get something back. You know he has another one, but you still want to keep loving. You're addicted to the feeling which comes from when you see him again. You know he doesn't want you and it hurts, but he whispers 'anything can happen'.

Your eyes shine like stars, even though he is leaving. He left a dead rose in the room. You see his body disappear from the house of broken hearts.

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