Made In Hetalia Ep 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

England's telephone rings


Sealand - Hello;


France's voice - Hello Sealand;


Sealand - Uncle France how are you?


France's voice - I am fine is your brother there?


Sealand - It depends what you want;


France's voice - A cup of sugar I am baking a birthday cake;


Sealand - A birthday cake for whom?


France's voice - If I told you it will not be a surprise;


Sealand - Hold on I will just get my brother hay England Uncle France is on the phone;


England's voice - Bloody hell! Can't a man have a shower with any interruptions tell him I am busy?


Sealand - Okay; he's busy giving his unicorn a rinse over;


England's voice - Sealand!


France's voice - Don't worry I will ask Italy have a nice evening Sealand;


Sealand - Okay goodbye Uncle France;


France's voice -Au revoir little man;


Sealand puts down the telephone;


Sealand - I wander whose birthday it is?


Ukraine bangs on the window Sealand climbs onto a nearby chair and opens the window;


Sealand - Miss Ukraine;


Ukraine - Have you seen Belarus?


Sealand - Why no;


Ukraine - She was meant to come with me to America's house to pick up some meeting papers;


Sealand - She has not come past here;


Ukraine - I do hope she's okay and has not court up in any danger;


England in the shower;


Flying mint bunny - Here's your peach shampoo Mr England?


England - Ah thank you;


Pixie - You really need to do something with all that hair down below;


Unicorn - It's like a hay stack;


England - Will you stop looking at my man gardens and shower!


Sound of a High pitched scream;


Pixie - What on earth was that?


Flying mint bunny - It sounds to me like a girl screaming;


Unicorn - Let’s go and check it out;


England - No wait come back bugger;


Back downstairs;


Sealand - When was the last time you were with Belarus?


Ukraine - Two days ago;


Sealand - Two days ago!


Ukraine - We went to Japan's house for dinner;


Ukraine sobs;


Sealand - Oh don't cry Miss Ukraine;


Ukraine - I do hope she is not in any danger?


Sealand - I am sure she's okay how about I organize a search party;


Ukraine - You will do that for me but you’re just a kid?


Sealand - I maybe a kid but I have a big heart;


Italy on telephone - You want what?


France’s voice- Borrow some sugar;


Italy - What;

France's voice -Borrow some sugar;


Italy - Borrow some condoms France do you have women in your mansion again?


France's voice - Sugar borrow some sugar;


Italy - Oh sugar sorry my telephone is not working properly;


Romano - That's because it's an old telephone that was handed to you by that potato Bastard;


Italy - Sure you can borrow some sugar France;


Romano's cell phone rings;


Romano - Hello who is this!


Sealand's voice - Hello Italy's brother;


Romano - What is it kid!


Sealand's voice - I have Miss Ukraine over at England's house;


Romano - And!


Sealand voice - She's worried about her sister Miss Belarus she has gone missing;


Romano -Belarus is missing;


Sealand's voice - So I am calling all the big nations to form a search party to find her;


Romano - Go and play with your Action figures and read books Kiddo!


Sealand's voice - But;


Romano puts his cell phone down on the table;


Italy - How much sugar do you need?


France's voice - One cup full;


Italy - Okay;


Italy's cell phone rings;


Italy - Hold on France;


Italy answers it;





Italy - Hello;


Sealand's voice - Hello Italy it's Sealand;


Italy - Hello Sealand how are you?


Sealand’s voice - I am fine listen Miss Belarus has gone missing and Miss Ukraine is very worried about her so I am calling all the big nations to form a search party to find her;


Italy - When did Belarus go missing?


Romano - Cut him off!


Italy - Why Romano this could be serious?


Romano - Nothing is serious with Sealand he's just seeking for attention;


Italy - Sorry Sealand but I cannot help you;


Sealand's voice - Italy;


Italy puts down his cell phone;


Italy - Hello France are you still on the line;


Back at England’s house;


Sealand - This is not turning out how I planned;


Ukraine – its okay Sealand I am sure I and Russia can form a little search party without getting the top nations involved;


Sealand - No I refuse to give up just because two of the top nations turned it down does not mean the other top nations will do the same let me try Prussia he will understand the situation;


Telephone ringing;


Prussia's voice - Hay this the awesome Prussia;


Sealand - Hello Prussia it's Sealand;


Prussia's voice - Hay Kid what's up?


Sealand - Miss Belarus is missing;


Prussia voice - Belarus is missing!


Sealand - Yes and Miss Ukraine is very worried about her so I am calling,


Prussia's voice - Wait Ukraine is with you?


Sealand - Yes;


Prussia’s voice - Sealand I know you want to be recognised as a nation but come on isn't this  going a bit too far?


Sealand - This's isn't the time for disturbing and unfunny jokes this is serious;


Prussia's voice - Sorry kid;


Sealand - So I am calling all the big nations to form are search party to help Miss Ukraine find Belarus;


Prussia's voice -Sure kid;


Sealand - Thanks Prussia;


Prussia's voice - For a small fee and an Instagram photo of Miss Ukraine topless;


Sealand puts the phone down;


Sealand - Germany;


Sealand picks up the telephone;


Germany’s voice - Hello;


Sealand - Hello Mr Germany it's Sealand;


Germany's voice -Should you be in bed young man?


Sealand - Yeah but this is important Miss Belarus is missing and Ukraine is worried about her;


Germany's voice - Okay;


Sealand - So I’m calling if you could help me form a search party to help Miss Ukraine;


Germany’s voice - Does England know that you are doing this?


Sealand - Not really;


Germany’s voice - Without your brother's permission I can't do anything of that sort;


Sealand - But Germany;


Germany's voice - Sorry young man oh one more thing?


Sealand - Yes;


Germany's voice - Tell your teacher to stop sending me dirty  Emails and nude pics of herself to my computer it's pretty distasteful and it's keeping my brother awake all night;


Telephone cuts off;


Sealand - I refuse to give up;


England walks into the living room;


England - Sealand what are you doing by the telephone?


Ukraine - It's all right England he’s helping me;


Sealand - I am trying to form a search party with all the top nations;


England - What for!


Ukraine - To help me find my sister Belarus;


Sealand - She seem to have disappeared;


England - Disappeared where?


Ukraine - I have no idea;


She sobs;


England - Don't cry Ukraine;


Sealand -I will keep trying in forming a search party with the top nations;


England - How about you go to bed?


Sealand - But big brother;


England - Now Sealand;


Sealand - Okay;


Sealand turns and walks away from the telephone and goes out from the living room;


England - Now when was the last time you were with your sister?


Ukraine - Two days ago we went to Japan's house for dinner;


Sealand’s bedroom;


Sealand - There has to be a way for me to gather all the big nations to form a search party in finding Belarus?


Voice - Still the boy that cries wolf among the 1p nations;


Sealand - 2p Italy!


2p Italy - Don't wear it out kiddo;


Sealand - How did you I mean how did you escape the 2p world into this world?


2p Canada - If we told you I may have to softly torcher you;


2p France - Plus 2p England would not stop whining about you;


2p America - So who is this Ukraine chick?


Sealand - A friend of the top nations;


2p Belarus - Is she nice?


Sealand - I still don't understand how you cold blooded 2p's came into this world;


2p Japan - Look kid do you want us to help you or continue being rejected by the 1p nations!


Sealand - Alright come I will show you Miss Ukraine;


Sealand walks over to his table he opens up  the laptop and clicks the Ukraine icon a photo of her pops up on screen;


2p America - Okay;


2p Italy - So this is the woman that has lost her sister;


Sealand - Yes;


2p France takes out his cell phone;


2p France - Hello Oliver yes we have found out who this Ukraine woman is;


2p England voice - Okay bring Peter to the 2p world immediately;


2p France - Yes sir;


2p Italy - Your coming with us kid;


England falls to the ground;


Ukraine – England are you okay?


England - No;


Ukraine - Hold on I will call for an ambulance;


Ukraine gets up from the chair and runs over to the telephone she picks it up;


Ukraine - First Belarus goes missing and now England is sick what is going on!


The 2p world;


2p England - Peter how are you poppet?


Sealand - Where am I?


2p England - At the conference room;


Sealand - Conference room!


2p England - Now what's this about a damsel in distress and the 1p world will not take you seriously;


Sealand - It's not that they are taking me seriously;


2p Belarus - I traced all of the calls you made to these 1p nations and none of them seemed to take you seriously;


Sealand - You traced my phone calls;


2p Canada - Oh yeah kiddo we 2p’s know everything;


Sealand - Okay that’s really creepy;


2p England - Nations gather around;


The 2p nations sat around the conference table;


2p England - Wright it seems that zippers central is over at the 1p world;


Sealand – Zippers Central what's that?


2p France - It's a club;


2p England - We can't let this Bo Hooded character play the 2p and 1p females as fools with his good looks and charm in making them believe that he and his male erotic dancers are the daddies of them;


2p America - What age are Bo’s female victims?


2p Japan - 18-29;


2p Italy - Young, vibrant virgins,


2p England - And he's got to be stopped;


Sealand - So you know where Belarus is?


2p Italy - If we did not you would not be here;


Sealand - So let me get this straight a guy called Bo owns a club called Zippers Central?


2p Japan - That's right kid;


2p England - Alright nations dismiss Peter you are staying here with me;


Sealand - What for;


2p England - I need you to help me bake some cupcakes;


Sealand - Okay;


Sealand follows 2p England out from the conference room while back over at the real world on a deserted Island a line of young woman where standing around a huge stage when tall muscling man with long blond hair walks onto the stage;


Man – Hello ladies and welcome to Zipper’s Central where your fantasies are fulfilled now there is some rules and regulations you cannot touch or caress the dancers wright enough of me talking let the fun begin first up is Robin Hood;


The women cheer as a man dressed as Robin Hood comes onto the stage they scream as he begins dancing erotically while the long haired man sat on a throne like chair watching them all he looks around and catchers an eye on Belarus he turns to one of his topless men and whispers in his ear the man gets up and walks among the crowd of screaming women over to where Belarus was standing;


Topless man – Mr Bo wants to see you;


Belarus turns as the topless man takes her by the hand and escorts her over to the place where the tall long haired man was sitting;


Man –What is your name?


Belarus – Anon;


Man – You are very beautiful young lady would you like to sit beside me and have a drink or two?


Belarus – As long it is not alcoholic;


Man – Fair enough one non-alcoholic drink coming up;


Bo congers up a glass of lemonade with ice and a straw;


Belarus – Wow;


Man – For you my princess;


Belarus – Thanks;


Voice – I won’t drink that if I were you dear?


Belarus turns to see 2p France standing behind her;


2P Italy – Up to your tricks again are we Bo?


2p Japan – We will take the girl;


Man – You’re not taking anything away from me!


A dozen topless men surrounded the 2p nations;


Man –You 2p nations are no match for my men;


2p Italy – Want a bet;


The 2p nations began attacking the men;


Man – My male erotic dancers;


2p France – That’s right Bo say goodbye to your pride and joy;


Man –You Barbarians!


2p Italy – Say goodbye Bo;


2p Japan sticks his samurai sword into Bo’s chest and pulls out his heart Bo goes grey and melts into skin and bones Bo’s skeleton crumbles into dust and vanishes;


2p France – Sorry you have to see that young lady;


2p Japan – Time for you to go home;


A porthole appears in mid-air above Belarus she vanishes along with the other women Belarus reappears outside England’s house;


Belarus – Where am I how did I end up in front of England’s house?


England’s house door opens Ukraine walks out to find Belarus standing in front of the house;


Ukraine – Bel!


She runs over to her;


Ukraine – I have been looking for you where have you been for the past two days?

Belarus – Nowhere;


Ukraine – What at least you’re alright;


Belarus – Can we go now?


Ukraine and Belarus walk away.



























Submitted: June 21, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Green Rabbit. All rights reserved.

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