Liar's Flesh

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Tainted paper has been written

From a blood, deep inside the sin

All left is the burden

Below the deepest sin


Your costume has been tarnished

Grieved inside your own labyrinth 

Left a big shame

That never be undone


Chained inside your own chaos

Hunger of innocent, cannot be contained

Your eyes now has been deceived

Killing your own soul


All those liars has been consumed

All the wound just make you more chaotic

All the hate shall be flourished 

All the anger will be our weapon


Cry out all you want

All your tear will shatered away

All your world will withered away

And your tear shall be my blood


Now, i'm already inside your soul

Your mind shall be crushed away

Your body soon be the hive of despair

Evoke the "Other" that locked away


All the light will be my control

The despair will be the seed

Shall bloom the dark mist

Shade all your soul away


All those liar

Will be thrown away

The chaos shall paint the world

Bringing the chaos insignia


No matter how you do

No matter how hard you take

The grasp shall not loose away

Bringing into the verge of life

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