The monster within man

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A police officer hunts for a serial killer terrifying the residents of his small town. Unknown to him, the hunter is about to be the hunted

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



I shined my flashlight through the forest just seeing the wind blowing the trees. Damnit! 

“Where the fuck are you shit head!” I yelled into the blackness. 

Silence and the sound of the wind was the only reply. I looked down at Thomas and saw his bloody, decapitated body and an axe lodged into his back.His body was freshly dead. He had just turned 16. I sighed and hung my head. He had escaped again. We had been searching for this monster for years, but he would always just attack a couple of kids, and then leave. We had no tracks or clues as to his identity. But this time was different, this was the 20th victim in the stretch of a month. This had to end today or we would all be victims. I was going to find this monster if it killed me. “You hear that, asshole? I’m coming for you!” I yelled into the nothingness of the night and waded into the dark.

The branches hit my face every couple of steps and I shined my flashlight in every direction. Nothing!  No snapped twigs, footprints, snagged clothing… nothing! I hoped that I was heading the right direction and my body would not be found by the park rangers in a lake. But I had to finish what I started and walked even deeper into the forest. After a couple hours of searching I came across an open stretch of land. The light from a fire burned in the distance. ‘Got you!’ I thought. 

I slowly pulled my sidearm from its holster. I breathed deeply, preparing myself. I snuck from the edge of the forest. I could only see one person sitting by the campfire. I steeled myself as I prepared to jump from my hiding place. I tensed then ran into the campsite, pointing my gun at the figure “Hands up, mother fucker!” I yelled. The guy jumped what seemed a good five feet into the air. He was just a kid. I lowered my gun. The boy was obviously terrified, he had his hands up and was shaking. 

“I…Surrender sir! don’t hurt us!” I looked around and saw a couple of tents and some more teenagers crawled out from them. 

One of them stood up 

“Are we under arrest, officer?” I put my gun back into the holster. 

“No, no. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare all of you. We do have a curfew though.” I said inquisitively. 

“Why are you all out here with a killer on the loose?” The teenager whom I scared spoke up

 “I’m sorry, officer we get together and go camping once a year. We thought we would be fine.” I shook my head.

 Stupid kids. They always think they are so invincible. 

“Okay, here is what’s going to happen. I’m going to stay here for the night and look after you. When the sun comes up, I’m marching you back to the city got it?” All the kids nodded. 

“Now go to sleep and I’ll wake you up in the morning.” I helped them pack some of their things and they crawled back into their tents. Alone, I sat on a stump near the campfire listening. The cicadas and the grasshoppers gave me a performance as I sat with my gun in my lap. I heard a slight whisper.

kill kill kill    

I thought nothing of it. But again 

kill kill kill  

What the fuck is that?” I thought. I stood up listening very intently. Nothing. Just the sounds of the forest. I turned around and felt a sharp pain on top of my head. I saw stars, then, nothing.


The protector was out cold. Now he could work. He stretched out his limbs and looked for a weapon. An axe was lodged in a piece of wood. He smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his burlap mask pulling it over his head breathing in the faint smell of blood from his previous victims. He missed this so much. He pulled the axe from the log and roared. He laughed as the blood sacrifices crawled from their tents and mewled like kittens. They tried to escape from his purge, but they never escaped. He reached into the rotors holster and pulled the gun shooting out all their kneecaps. They all fell to the ground, trying to crawl away into the woods. He laughed. He picked up the pretty blonde by her hair. He threw her on a stump and, taking his axe, swung down severing her in half. He looked for his next victim. A boy. He swung cutting his limps off one by one, and when finished, took a branch and skewered him listening to his choking sobs. One by one, he cut them down without mercy. He looked at his work and walked off into the night laughing at the thought of the protector in the morning.


I woke up in the morning with a massive headache. It took a few seconds for my vision to refocus, but ,when it did, I was in hell. Body parts were everywhere. One of the boys was severed, the blonde was cut in half, her intestines sprawled all over the ground. Another was hung on the tree by their intestines. I vomited on the ground. It was awful. I had brought this upon them. 

“I’m going to get you, mother fucker!” I  shouted into forest. 

I looked down at my holster and saw that my gun was missing. The killer must have taken it. I searched around for another weapon and found a machete. I smiled. These kids were full of surprises. Too bad their remarkable lives were cut short with such horrible deaths. I looked at the bodies. I had no time to bury them. 

I left them and headed deeper into the forest with my conscience eating at me. But what was I going to do? He was sure to kill even more, and I would avenge their deaths. After that monster was dead, I would bring some men to retrieve their bodies. I walked for a couple of more hours and came across an abandoned shack. It was falling apart and being eaten by nature. I had my knife ready as I opened the door. The smell hit me as soon as I walked through the threshold. It smelled of rotting bodies. Sure enough, there were bodies strung up on meat hooks, stripped apart and various organs littering the floor. On the walls were newspaper clippings with missing people reports. I recoiled in horror. He had killed a lot more people then we previously had thought. It wasn’t just dozens, it was upwards of hundreds. This was perhaps the worst serial killer in the history of humankind. He hadn’t stopped when the killings stopped, he had secretly been collecting people for whatever reason. The people we had found were just his mistakes, people he hadn’t hidden properly. Terror paralyzed me. I slowly back out. A whisper fluttered into my ears kill kill kill I looked around. Nothing. louder the whisper came kill kill kill it came a bit more intently. I backed into a tree looking around terrified kill kill kill I heard the words. Kill? What’s happening? 

“Where are you, coward? Come out and stop hiding!” 

Kill kill kill. 

Again it came. The world was spinning. Terror enveloped me. 

Kill Kill Kill 

No no no! What was happing! I spun around swiping at the air. 

Kill Kill Kill

It was booming this time. I started to hyperventilate. Without warning, a sharp pain erupted from the top of my head. I blacked out.


The protector was gone. He was free for his grand plan! He had the maps and the weapons. He pulled the burlap mask over his head and screamed in victory. This was going to be a glorious day! He ran for the city, shoving aside anything that came between him and his blood sacrifices.  The first home He walked into, a family was having lunch. They all screamed as he butchered them. He walked from home to home, leaving horrors inside every home. He killed women, children… everyone. He wanted this entire city dead. He paraded a head down the main street as people screamed. He took his gun and shot everyone he saw. When the bullets ran dry, he pulled out his blade. cutting into people. He laughed as he saw the street run red with blood. He heard the sirens and saw the other protectors jump out of their cars. They recoiled in horror, yelling gibberish, but he never cared about anyones voice, only his instinct and the blade. He walked up to them thrusting his blade into one of the protectors, pulled it out and swung at the other, taking off his head. They fell dead at his feet. He walked down main street, more like main stream he giggled to himself, killing everyone he could reach. He heard the sirens once more, many more of them this time. He laughed. The god of blood would be pleased with him. His reward was on its way. The protectors jumped out of their cars pointing their guns at him. He threw his axe into the head of one of the protectors. He barreled into them, swinging his blade faster and harder than a normal human. He tore off a protector’s arms with his hands, slashed another’s neck, and thrusted his blade into yet another’s chest. They fired, he felt the bullet smash into his chest but he cared little for the pain, only the blood. He picked up his axe and swung it into the head of the protector as he fired his weapon into him. He grabbed another one and forced him to shoot his comrades. He used the older protector as a shield, forcing his way through the lines. Strewing bodies on the ground. He laughed. This was true freedom. He relished in the blood of his and others. His joy was cut short when he felt a tap. He turned seeing a protector open his mouth, lifted his gun in the air, and smash it into his head. He saw the visions of the blood god promising him more blood soon. Very soon. He smiled as his vision blurred and went black


I woke in a hospital bed, my head bandaged and I was in a hospital gown. I tried to raise my hands but they were handcuffed. I rattled my chains trying to get loose, but to no avail. I looked around and found myself in a white, padded room and two heavily geared out men with assault rifles staring at me near the door. One of them opened up the door and yelled something outside. A doctor walked into the room and sat down next to my bed. 

“Do you remember what happened yesterday, Mr. Johns?” 

“I went looking for a deranged killer! He knocked me out near his cabin! Why am I in chains? Where am I? What’s happing? Did you find the killer?” 

The doctor held up his hand.

“One question at a time please. To answer your questions though, yes, we found him. He cut a path of death and destruction and we shot him.” 

“You did? Who is he?” 

“I’m getting there just hold on. Do you know what a split personality is, Mr. Johns?”

 “Umm, yeah. It’s when essentially two people exist in one person’s mind.” 

“Precisely, Mr. Johns, we do believe you have that split personality and that is why you are in my asylum. You will be here for a while, unfortunately, With round the the clock surveillance.” 

I started to hyperventilate. That whisper started again 

kill kill kill 

“what are you talking about? What did I do?” 

kill kill kill  

The doctor handed me a newspaper clipping. 

“No no no! It can’t be!  This cant be true!”

As I read it, the whisper boomed in my ear.

Kill kill Kill


Earlier today, a police officer by the name of Elijah Johns killed over 60 people in the small town of Jacobson. He was identified as the serial killer that murdered hundreds of people over the course of a year including a group of campers a day prior to the town killings. He is currently a patient at Williamson's asylum under close supervision by the military and the FBI. He was deemed mentally insane and will be held there for the rest of his natural life.

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