Days Of Unbroken Wave

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Young life lived fullest keep us ahead where we shine. Let you enjoy this gratitude may always be gifted for a meaning here. I have only compiled this thought as a beautiful work of life again. :)

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Waves splash against shore yet care their helplessness,

Human always drill some wealth beneath this ocean floor,

Yet care no help securing this deserving treasure for our future generation,

When waves never felt this emptiness coming back in time again,

Human always endured this Natures fortune in their quest back for a day again,

We forget these pained oceanic lifeforms,

Yet waves never forsake their origin always take back from the shore of a lost time,

We dare challenge uncertainity for a big catch each time,

As water bubbles pull back from this shore,

Sometime we forget they never come back for a special gettogether,

This source of life wash our soil for a complex being unformed in character,

For those waves always appeal an assembly of our being here,

We camp around memories always traceless like this shore,

Here waves of fortune come and go,

Yet dont pull back any treasure worth saving in time,

Their cost rinse a way crossed each day like a comeback tomorrow,

We fear one day someone will join our expectation I am saving each day for us,

Humans who joined their quest like these waves in time,

Come against eachother everyday like the rising tide,

Forgeting one day we have to go back in this ocean,

Here our soul takes a track unlocked for some appearance like each moment we try hard for fortunes,

Many time we face this night bonded in our duty,

A meaning beneath our existence tell us we are gone wherever life follows us here,

Every lifeform who stepped on this floor personified life as a sinking print of time,

They stretch each moment here may leave for a plan God has woven in time,

You earned some gift a treasure may wear like an ornament in this life,

Many everywhere watches you each day like this crest of a thought,

Retreat on the wave back into the ocean sometimes shines a path where God is our mentor,

As we run against this wave life stone again for a beat we cannot forget,

In making a destiny we struggle for all wellbeing on this space,

Like a sandmill where you build your mansion as the waves retreat,

You take this opportunity to tell us you have crossed the gates of heaven for a life you are given here,

This beauty of all lifetime renounce you may walk on its message like a new day always here,

Forgetting you have a role time make your count of a event life has followed with you,

Like a human being you look ahead founding a love lived on this shore,

Each moment when waves spill a clock back in time,

For a season we cannot forget reasons expose gestures in the land of our forgetness in days we live for grants here,

Many pick up precious gifts time gives your responsibility for our duty enoved in this existence,

You are gone wild where each far seen willingness drive your pursuit of happiness,

Stories followed this wave in time,

Those waves brought back in faith follows duty you impresionated in creation,

When this wave retreat you have time to build a foretress,

Saving this home from the day you belonged far away from our ocean floor,

Each night take off some quest in ocean again,

Here you mill a devotion build for grace a life cannot forget,

In communion of hearts you will go tracking for a wealth,

Your tomorrow leave among a duty for some suggestion may be its gentle threads,

Here you forget this day when waves retreat back in time,

For night may take all you have a time so sure,

Nature doesnt need you for living yet you do need Nature for existence,

When waves forsake the belongings of this Nature,

Will dates you plant in time come back for a sweetness of sweat?

Here nothing is permanent except change,

Only constancy is this wave will come back tomorrow,

Against a home you build all source of living from this ocean called life,

Your grade skills each event for making a day your talent cannot forsake,

Keep learning till end as the seperation so pure will not end in death,

But ignite knowledge you cultivate everyday,

Fullest in devotion may your duty here,

Be the origin of all grants our carpenter has made you so far away from the unseen,

All this face of Earth will one day recede back into the history of time,

Yet you will be never driven away facing this wave again,

May love earnestly compile a security you can rinse each moment against struggles you face in this life,

For this meaning may help you from the source of all souls,

Here let one supreme foundation gift you with a freedom you may oneday shine like a duty never undone,

May you be always prepared for this.

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