Monkey Joe: His Story. (Part One)

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A man living on the streets shares his story.

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Howdy! Name's Monkey Joe; that's my name, don't wear it out.  Live on the streets; been on the street for years.  My fault: got involved in drugs and alcohol; family and friends had had enough, so they threw me out on my ear.  Right nice of them, huh? NOT!!  Trying to get help for my addictions, but much easier said than done a lot of the time.  Please pray for me; any and all prayers are greatly needed, welcomed, and appreciated!

People call me Monkey Joe on 'count of my pet monkey, who pals around with me; he's my helper and best buddy.  His name's Marvin; he's a capuchin and is very smart and quite talented.  He even dances for people whenever I play my hurly-gurly (hand cranked organ); people like what I do and they enjoy it whenever Marvin performs for his fans.  That's how I get my money; gotta make a living somehow, y'know??

I'm a Veteran.  Served in the first Iraq war; suffered traumatic brain injury and have PTSD for some of the shit I saw and did; my brain's messed up and I'm not nearly the same guy I was when I joined up with the Air Force and went to war.  Joined up right after 9/11/01, was in the war for two years when I got injured; then got medically discharged and became depressed; got to drinking and taking drugs; and now I'm trying to get myself straightened out somehow.

Thank you for your service; now get the fu** out and get outta my face; don't want to help or see the likes of you.  That's how the government treats us Veterans; such a god blessed shame, too.  We fought and served for our nation; we deserve far better than what we are getting!

I still have bad dreams about the enemy shooting us up or seeing my buddies get hurt or killed right in front of me; also have bad dreams about seeing dead people, men, women, even old people and children, lying all over the road; people that we shot up and killed 'cause they're the enemy.  I also have bad dreams about my injury and still have flashbacks; I wake up screaming just about every night.  Which is why I now have a monkey on my back; Marvin's my service animal and he acts as my therapist and right hand man whenever I need help or to keep from wigging out yet again.

Well, gonna get something to eat; have a few bucks a person was kind enough to give to me; 'sides, I'm so hungry my throat thinks my stomach's been cut.  Will write in here again soon; 'til next time, this is your new friend, Monkey Joe, signing off! Take care now!

~Monkey Joe.  

*To be continued!*

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