The execution

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Whatever you are rich or poor whatever you are whore or women everyone hold his own respect ,image,an identity in world if she is whore or women They Have Rights Too.......(An Voice)

As it Sentence There Is A Story Of 2human their mistake their excaution 

Present Day

29 october 1995

Man Cheers,Claping,

Whooooooooooooo,WHoooooooooooooo,Woooooooooooooo,Keppppp Onn

The Cheers and claping you listen blongs to the women Reshma and The Area Is WhoreRoom

Reshma was dancing in front of many unknown man......all the men was looking on him with their bad eyes just like she was their wife.........

When Dance was over reshme move to his room and closed the door back to him a men Come for him 

Knock The Door 

Knock Knock Knock 

Reshme"Whose out side"

Men"Its Me My Name Is Alam"

Reshma"What Did YOu Need"


Reshma"What Do YOu Mean"

Alam"I Want You To Come in my home "

Reshma"Ok How Much You Pay"

Alam"As Much AS You Want'

Alam Throw Some Money Inside the room and moved form there she pick up and moving to his bed

Next Day Reshma Go To His Home There Was a 8-10 men waiting for him she came and start dancing men start teasing him like touching his ass and touching his breast 

she moved back and says to alam that ask them not to touch 

Alam Said"We pay you and your ours for a while"

Reshma"Women Are Not A Property And Whore Are Not A Property also You Pay Me For Dance not give you enjoy we also have respect image we cant sell our vaginas etc we

Your Heart Is Stoned Cold You Dont Have feelings 

after saying this reshma take some money from his bag and throw them on alam's face

and move to his home whore area

Later a month It was time of december

Alam Once again went to Watch Reshma's Dance 

After a dance reshma said alam to come with her then she take alam to his room and after entering she closed the door 

Reshma"I Love You"

Alam"why did you lost your respect or you checked my money or wallet"

Reshma"I Love You From My Soft Foam Butter Slippry Heart"

Alam"I Love YOu since I Watch You First Time Thats Why I CAll YOu To My Home And ALso I sorry For Those Insuting Which YOu Got By My Bad Friends Please leave this job"

Reshme"Yeah For Sure"

After that day reshma leave that whorearea start loving and spenting time with alam and time spent fastly minute hours days week month passed and reshma was completly changed and she was fall in love with alam


It was time of 10 april 2002

Alam Takes Reshma To His Farm House which was in "swat"

They start making love alam take out reshma's clothes and start fucking him and after one day alam drops reshma to his house and he moved from their 

Next Morning Reshma Tried To Contact Alam But His Number Was Not Valid This TIme And Then Reshma think that she was fooled and being used by alam 

at home it was time of alam's engagement alam engaged with Zareena 

And Got Married after 2 years of engagement and they love each other Zareena has pride on his Money And Respect 

Reshmed Was Pregnant and give a birth to a child after 10 days before alam's wedding 

Reshma Start Working in A Computer company his salary was medium 

After 1 year Reshma Was Come In To THe Shopping mall here she saw the alam with his wife alam said reshma to move that clothes shop i am going to buy a new laptop 

then alam go to meet reshma. Alam said to reshma that he tried to contact but he can't but we know that it was a lie 

alam tried to get sorry from Reshma But it was too late her heart was got cold stoned 

Reshma Said"God Will Give you the exceation you will be screams your wife leaves you you got to heart just like i got heart

Good Bye 

Alam got his sentence just like a joke and forget it later an hour Alam take his wife to the sea side  when they reach there their was a crazy man sited who collect the garbage and mixed it into the water and then said that it is heaven 

Zareena Said "Oh Man So You Make A Heaven on earth"

Crazy Man"Stay Away you will fall in it Stay away"


Crazy Men Throw a stone in that water and its drops fall on zareena's dress and it got dirty zareena Beat him with sandle and get to home She Pirde on his personality 

After Many Days Zareena Got Stressed by his brain start talking rubish words And Completly got mad alam take him to Aslyum luncatic 

Alam's Mother Died In An Ancident His Father Was Died by Electirc city After These COndition Then Alam's Reminds His WOrds And Stand Up Without wear slipper and sandle run to his whore area but she was not there he started looking for up and at asluym lunatic his wife got died by electric city shock 

Alam's Go To Seaside to findout that crazy men but he was not there. wife got his excuation

But now this was time of alam Alams Look For Him Many Days And He Get Mently disease slowly 

One Day alam Saw Reshma She was across road alam's go without watching traffic signal and got accident all the people Come to help him and also reshma come but after seeing that she was alam he take his son and Moved from there She Was Moving .........

The End

A Novel By Naveed Solangi

If YOu Like novel give me feedback on my facebook account thankyou

Respect Women Do Not Pride



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