Knowing Right From Wrong

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Do we know right from wrong? Can they be separated? And how do we apply it ethically?

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Do we know what 'right from wrong' is?  Conceptually, and beyond what any social morality considers it to be, this question can only be maintained in discussions inherent of its values, as there is no section of epistemology concerning 'right from wrong' and their relation to ethical qualities that can return an answer not foisted to register as that of a synthetic a priori, because there is no analysis that is capable of rendering an answer that is both definitive and absolute.  'All dogs are vicious' is a statement that cannot offer any substantial evidence to support it.  One, in fact, can rationally assume the opposite statement to be more factual, even if only surmised -- and the answer arrived at would enlist the assistance of both empirical and rational thought processes.  So it can be said that the symbiotic compatibility between right and wrong is inclined to suggest that there is no remark that, when probed, successfully describes it in any way that is not ultimately ambiguous?  Well, in the spirit of attempt, the only answer at which I can arrive is that it is a matter of opinion.

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