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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017




Hey, it’s me again. This time it’s going to be just me. Who is me…

To the world outside my window I am happy me, cheery me, hopeful me but in fact me is unhappy, me is sad, me is not cheery.

Me is me.

Hello me, black hole in my heart, cloud on my mind why did you find me, what was the reason you decided to walk into my life? Why didn’t I just tell you to walk pass me instead of letting you in. Darkness, all I feel is darkness, with just a few glimpses off light each day.

My life has been good, I had a normal youth and I was enjoying life to the fullest. Still do sometimes. People around me have no idea that I am not doing well, why is that? Why can’t they see I am struggling, fighting and feeling like I am losing this battle. Me is not doing well..

Alright, let me take you back to the start, because this is confusing right.

Me, four years ago: me was going out, gone on vacations, socializing and just getting the best out of live, yolo right! I had a great job, great friends, me was happy. Then my health started to pull me back and preventing me from doing stuff that I love.

Hey, it’s me again. My thoughts today are something to not say out loud, not to share not to be spoken of. Those thoughts are always there, always trying to convince me to do things that I don’t want to think about. Me is strong, I am me, I will never ever take the steps that me wants me to do. Yet in weak moments, me is strong, stronger then I am. I refuse to lose this battle and give up, never!

I am exhausted, am I really losing this fight against me? For the longest time I’ve been fighting, battling and I can assure you that I am strong, stronger then me. I will win this, I will overcome this.

Why? Why wouldn’t I just give up? The answer is simple, it’s the little things in life. A small compliment can have a butterfly effect, it can lift you up just enough to pull you through the day.

Hey, it’s me again. This time it’s not just me but me and I. I want to work through this, I want to be strong, I will overcome the depression that I call me. ME!

One day me will become I again and one day I will become me again, can’t wait. Until then, thank you for your time me,

 because you make me stronger every single day I fight you.

Peace me…


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