Soschia Doesn't Look at the Sky

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
a single chapter science fiction story.

swearing; frequent, strong.

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



So, buddy you waking up here already?  Oh, thank goodness.

"Merejen?  Uh... what's going on mate?"

It's cool, 'Sha.  Well, it's cool now.  Well, it's not cool now.  Well... but it's cooler than it was... just now.  What I mean is we were all worried about your pod not opening for a second, um...

I think Merry's having a bit of trouble explaining.  Hi, Sosche.

"Kome, hey."

How you feeling, how's your head?

"Cool, good, fine.  Heavy.  Headache... fine, sure fine enough but what's that, I mean what else is going on?"

All in time, mate you only just woke up from cryo here.  Gonna take some time to get reoriented and such.

"But what Merejen was worried for... seemed like something urgent, and you seemed to confirm it?"

Chill, mate.  Please.  I'm here to look after you now.  You're not gonna be okay for a few minutes, I don't wanna overload you with a bunch of complicated stuff right off the wake-up.  Keep it calm, should all go smoothly.

It's not that complicated you know Kome.  Pretty basic peril we got going on here.

Daif, for the fuck's sake... would you shut up?  Fucking peril?  Goodness, she doesn't need to hear that right now!

"Peril?  Kome, seriously..."

Chick, trust me keep calm.  Keep it calm you're gonna... well you're not gonna do well if you got all this heavy stuff all of a sudden right away.  Don't listen to Daif.  He's being a disregarding twat.

Shit.  Shit... sorry.  Sorry, Kome.  Sorry, I mean I just don't think it's that...

How about you say sorry to her, huh?  She's the one you're panicking.  Oh hell now you got me joining in with it.  She needs calm right now.

"Daif?  What's?"

Um, Soschia isn't it?  My apologies.  No, let me try that again.  My sincere apologies.  We're all here together, I don't want any of us to not get along, even you like.  You're one of the crew.

Fuck you, Daif.

What?  What Merry, I was apologizing!

Merry?!  Jeez.  He was apologizing.

No, seriously that shit pisses me off.  There was never any suggestion that she wasn't a part of the crew in the first place, you don't need to iterate it like she's some kind of outsider.

I'm trying, mate.  I'm trying.  Lemme try, okay?  Anyway, how's about you get back on that console and monitor what's going on for us?  You're doing valuable work.

And there it is again, her for her body and me for my role and the disrespect, the feint - just the attitude you show... damnit, I'll get back on the console.  Needed to say it though.

"Please can you guys stop arguing?  Seriously, what's going on that's got you so upset?  You're friends!"

We will.  We are, right you two?  We all need to keep our heads here, it's not just you.  Our biologies are affected by stress just the same.

"But you all know what's going on Kome, right?  Fuck.  No, I'll stop asking.  You know best, you're the aux medical assist after all.  You know minds and shit."

Yeah, I guess I do.  Thanks for the confidence, babe!

"To ask a different thing for now, then... why's the aux medical assist in charge of wake-up?"

Soschia, dear...


I step in, when... Soschia...

Using her full name isn't going to soften it any more, you know.  Bavix is dead.


"Actually... thanks, Daif.  I think.  I knew, I just needed to like, be told.  I knew before I asked.  Why else would I be talking to... are there just three of you?"

Oh, dearie.  I mean I know you two weren't ever that close, but still...

"It's okay.  Daif?  Daif, you alright?"

Just... stressed.  And dumb as fuck, I guess.  I don't know exactly what's going on here, I don't know how to read these screens.

"Something on the screens, then."

Yeah.  Listen, I meant you no disrespect.  You neither, Merejen.

It's... we're cool.  We're good, I can read the screens.  I'm almost finished with the translation bot.  Should be coming up on the main view in a second.  We ready?

Not quite.  Okay, Sosche here goes.

"Sorry, I'm just... I wanna know everyone else is okay.  Bavix died?  What could've killed him, is anyone else dead?"

Werdop.  Bavix and Werdop, they were out on the main wing... sent it the wrong way.  I think Werdop flipped out a bit.  Regardless.  They both gave their best, gave their lives...

"I didn't know Werdop."

Recent recruit, yeah picked her up on the way.  Slavers.  Can never be sure how badly damaged a new pickup's gonna be, but... well, she flipped out, sent the main wing in the wrong direction.

"Wow.  Oww... oh.  So that's... that's what's not alright now, I take it?"

Daif, you cool?

Yeah, I'd like to see what's out there really.

Kome?  Soschia?

We're good, I think.

"Well, not good.  Right, but it's sunk in.  Right.  Good to... good to viewscreen.  What are we viewscreening, the wreckage?"

No honey, the... the chain reaction.

"Chain?  Shit!  Shit, no not... did it get as far as the habitats?"

Honey.  It's... it's a total chain.  Full chain.

"Holy fuck.  Holy fuck, all that work!  Shit, all those people all those fucking people!"

We got them out in time.


Kome.  We got them out.  Before they were wiped out.  We got them out, they're alive.

Daif, what a way to say it...

Again, I reiterate.  They're all alive.

"And slaves..."

Yes.  They're alive.

"I guess I can see the call.  Difficult call.  Your call?"

'Jen, what's taking so long with this fucking screen thing, I thought the bot was ready?  You know I can't read this in data like you can, what's the holdup?

Bugs.  Couple of bugs, ah here we are this should do it.  Second time should be the charm.

"Turn me around first."

What?  But you won't see what's...

"I don't want to look at it.  I'm not going to look at it, turn me around I can't move yet.  Turn me over, come on do it."

Sure, honey.

"Why look at it when we can't change it?  There's no point.  It's going to destroy us or it isn't.  We can't change it."

But we can at least monitor it.  We can at least know it's coming, can't we?  When it does.  As well as how likely it is from one moment to the next...

Merry's right, chick.  You'll want to be able to prepare, emotionally for if it hits and...

"Kome.  Merejen.  Daif.  So it's just us four, right?"

You know I've never understood that in you.  Why you always use everyone's full names all the time, so formal!  I guess Merry there's the only one to whom it really applies right now with... and yes, we are the only four crewmembers remaining on board.  That's why I'm captain.  Fucking Captain Daif.


Never wanted to be fucking captain.  What do I know about leading?  It's only because I'm shit use for anything else important, and we're all going to figure it out between us regardless.

"Really just us four?  What happened to the troops?"

They're all gone.  All gone.  All fucking gone.  They bounced on the first hit, see the wing there...

"But this is a military ship!  And the military... wait, you didn't say they were dead, right so how exactly are they gone?"

They'll be dead soon.  They're headed for that planet there, look...

Then just say they're dead, shit Daif.  And you keep on at her for being formal...

They're not dead yet, damnit Merejen!  Out of line, man!  Out of line.

Okay.  However it helps to word it, I guess.

And you go on at me about respect...

Guys, guys!  Guys, we're going toward that unhappy interpersonal situation again.  If this thing doesn't kill us, we're gonna need the calm to keep us alive.  Physics isn't the only peril we're in.

"Kome's right.  We need to gather up our thoughts, wait it out."

You know you can't actually see anything without the visor on, right?  I turned you over since it comforts you.  I could put it on you, though?  You're facing away.

"Nah, it's good I'm cool.  Don't want it now, kinda aches me a bit after extended use anyway."

Put on the visor, soldier.

"I thought you didn't wanna be captain?"

I still am the damn captain.  Put on the visor, we need a soldier.  We need a soldier if shit goes almost south but not quite.

"You know how unlikely that is?  Anyway, I'm hardly a soldier.  The military's gone, like you said.  That's all of it; I'm not in that."

No, I don't know how unlikely that is.  And yes, you're a soldier.  I'm a captain, you're a soldier.  Kome's a medic, Merry's a tech... well at least they were close.  You and me, kid?  Not so fortunate.  But we have roles to fill.

"Honestly, I'm not needed.  It's such a miniscule likelihood."

Are you doing anything else, soldier?

"What?  No, I guess not..."

Then you're the soldier, and that's an order.


Up on viewscreen, captain!  I mean, Daif.  Sorry.

Nice one, Merejen!  Finally, some good... oh, shit sticks.

What're you on about?  You know that's actually much better than I'd've thought it'd be...

Looks can be deceptive, Kome.  Daif knows what it means... he lived through the collapse, remember?  He's been there up close before, just never this close. I read the data that made up this picture you're seeing.  That's basically what's outside right now but it isn't showing you the projections.

They look bad then?

They're... they're not good.  They are not good.

"I'm still not watching, you guys.  Kome, you can put the visor on me I guess then and I'll defend the hell out of everybody should the impossibly unlikely come to pass, of course... but hey, keep me turned over okay?  At least until I can move."

Okay, sweetie.  But I still don't understand... how come you don't wanna watch it?

"Look.  I'm synthetic, I'm not like you.  I get emotional.  Not subtle like you guys, I mean the real theatrical daylaster shit!  I've somehow managed to keep calm thus far but it's... thankyou Kome, by the way.  For keeping me level.  And I can!  But yeah, stasis exit's always a particular hazard with us... and... I'll always be, I mean I'll never get to see things like you guys see them, all complete and wonderous like that.  I still speak in fucking audio, for fuck's sake.  Can't do that mind shit."

Look at that panel swing!  We might be alright after all.  Oh shit, forgot about the subsection there...

"And you know what, I'm cool with it.  It's not the same level, but none of us are quite the same after all.  Daif, you've done so well I'm really proud of you!  I knew your parents when you were..."

Hang on a bit, sweetie.  I'll get that arm, just gotta...

Whoa, that was a big collision!  I could swear I almost heard it, fuck me.

That's B out.

"... this tall.  Back on the surface, so proud of you they were!  Showed me photos, told me tales."

Reclamation's hanging by a thread!

Please miss please... damnit!

That's gonna swivel right in there, look at the path parabolic like.  We just gotta hope it don't snag on opps...

"Such ambition in a youngster!  We had to leave, and they wanted to stay and I... I'm getting nostalgic.  Ship's dead.  Military's dead, Bavix is dead, Werdop's dead as well.  Passengers might as well have been dead, that's if the slavers aren't regardless; did they get far enough out, you reckon?"

That fucking thing's spinning like a dynamo, look at it there!  Shit, it is heading this way after all.

Is this really it, then?  First time the charm?  First fucking piece...

"I've been who I've wanted to be.  I think we all got to."

Shit's going fucking fast.  Shit's accelerating.  Shit!

"I'm still wires, though.  You call 'em fabrics but they ain't.  I'm a machine, limited potential... can't do what organics do..."

You're not a damn computer, mate!  Fuck that!  We are NOT letting you DIE!

FUCK, brace for EMP!

"Soschia doesn't look at the sky."



© Copyright 2020 Nell Doberson. All rights reserved.

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