One Last Party

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



 Thank you, it's great to be here,
And no, I don't plan to stay
Please don't expect an explanation
Of why I am acting this way

It's so nice to see you,
Yes it has been too long
I've been quite out of sync
I've been feeling all wrong

No don't worry, 
I don't need to talk about it
No thank you to the self help books,
I think I'll manage without it. 

I am on my own now
My own too feet on the ground
So many people at this party, I see
It's odd how nobody makes a sound

They all are looking at me
What do they say?
They're sorry she'sgone?
What kind if party is this, anyway?

Sagging bodies resting faces so grim
You'd think somebody died 
I'm starting to think that somebody did

Look, there's my mother
Why does she cry?
Why does she keep wiping tears from her eye?

I don't quite understand 
Why you brought me here
I can't tell them I'm sorry
I know they can't hear

I told them before I left
In a yellow folded letter
Written in black ink

They keep saying,
"We'll never forget her."

What girl do they speak of?
That is causing such a sadness?
I can't understand...
Until I see what's in the middle if this madness.

A wooden box the color of white
Never did I think that would be such a sight
My breathing had stopped
My lungs can't move anymore
Now I know 
Why I saw my father collapsed on the floor

Now I remember
What happened that night
When I said goodbye
And went into the light.

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