When You First Meet Him

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



When you first meet him there will not be butterflies.
Instead, your lungs will fill with his cigarette smoke;
and you will mistake this feeling for breathlessness.
It will be hot, and heavy, like that first night under his sheets as you explored each other.
But his mind is not your tomb to conquer.

When you first kiss him there will not be fireworks.
His mouth will find your next as his fingers twist into your hair;
permanent, and painful, and foreshadowing.
And you will mistake it for passion.
You will feel lightheaded but that is only the effect of the poison
That lingers on the same lips which spit your blood every time he tells you he cares.

You will find he is only good for pain, and poetry.
So I write for him.
Silent epitaphs of a love laid to rest too quickly from a fire left to burn too long
Until my heart rises again from the ash; a phoenix of possibilities

Until I am out of romantic ways to say that you hurt me
Until I am out of poetic ways to say I’m better off alone.

© Copyright 2018 Maesi Alis. All rights reserved.

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