Home Bodies

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Drifting in depiction days. Vines fall due to age. Shutter me from the cold . Welcome love into my home. Sinners dine on the blood of christ. Holy scriptures of faithful price. One last glare before we Screech and disappear. Heavy hands raise in the air. A helpless child in this lair. Longs for hope, but no body answers him. Dust off the relic room . Holding flowers plucked in June. A piece of beauty stolen from a loon . Like angel lights that glow. Suffocates this lamented stone. Prevailing memory for a future show.

Home bodies stand at rest. Fatalities of their own flesh. Conflicted by their own possessions . Old bodies pass us through . To the bodies of the youth. Bury me beside the willow . Danger creeps within my ears. Birthing my deceptive fears. That bind the chains that hold your heart down. My love is poisoned thorns. A smile living in blistered scorn. Faking sickness , in a raging storm. Waiting again to be alone. But these bodies follow us.... home.

Gazing into her gauntlet eyes. Persistence is my lasting pride. It fuels my anger and let's my heart....ride. On the crimson lips of beauty lords. Waiting to show me, what's in store. Heaven help me unlock... her bolted door. Home bodies sleep at last. Sweating bullets from their past. Haunted by the light that waits .. to be born. Warm bodies never knew. Cold bodies pass us through. In the spaces that we roam. But heartless bodies rule the throne. Hold our hands and follow us .. home.

All my nightmares now revealed. In the darkness of my dreams. In the burning sanctuary. Doom has a freezing hand. Stopping time to take it's stand. Taking over the heart ... of a painful man. She quiets echoed screams. Carries kisses on the breeze. Making a promise she can't keep . That puts a home to rest ... Indefinitely. .. He loses sight of her. As the bodies start to burn. Alive in flames that hault the yearn. Breathe me in just one more time. My love is now an eternal crime.. Home bodies still feel so used. Torn bodies feel like you. These bodies. .. Heaven save the ending fate. Leave a passage to escape. Warm the frostbite in my bones. Lead these bodies to a new.... Home. .

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