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A story of Highschool students confusing revelation to their world full of chaos and unexpected twist.

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017




The sky is so bright, looking up the clouds and how beautiful the day it was. Walking towards my schoolmates, carrying my back pack. Giving smiles each and everyone. As I've reached the front door of our respective room, I stopped. I was thinking like this is it! The first day of school. I'm kinda little bit of nervous and excited at the same time. Surely, I'll meet new classmates and teachers. Now, I open the front door. I saw my old classmates like they were shocked. We are still in the same section. Two of them are my friends. Cara and Daisy. They come closer to me and give me a hug so tight that I can't hardly breathe. I shove them and we both laugh. We started the conversation by how's our summer break? Did we have a happy vacation?

I said I was with my mother the whole summer break taking care of our business. Our foodtruck. I am only child and my father died since I was born. Only my mother takes care of me since I was little. I dedicated my whole life to her.

Daisy and Cara said, "As what we were expected, you really are a good child but pain in the ass." And they all laugh at me.

Then, Daisy brag about her summer experience.

Daisy said, "I was with my family at the beach. I got sunkissed skin and fresh juice all day with hot tan. Ohlala!"

Me and Cara wow at her like we were so envy about her. Then, Cara spent her summer break with her cousins in the mountains. We were not suprised because we already knew mountain climbing was her favourite sport. Me and Daisy just okay to her.

Daisy asked, "Why both of you not suprised? Mountain climbing is the best sports in town. Oh, I get it! From now on, I will never ask any of you about summer breaks."

She sat down to her chair and we look at her smiling until we laugh in our top of our lungs.

The bell rings. Class is about to start. Everyone get back to their seats. A new professor came to door and walks slowly with his books. He puts his books in his desk and look towards us like a normal.

Teacher, "Class, I am professor Keith. I will be your teacher for today and we will discuss about Science. Turn your book to page 3 and read silently."

We did what Teacher Keith said and read our books together. Suddenly, our principal came to our class and called Teacher Keith whispered something to him and give a piece of paper. Teacher Keith looks sad and guilty expression. He stares at us and back to his desk. The principal is gone.

Teacher Keith, "Class, can I get all your attention? The principal have announcement.

The class stop reading for a while and listen to Teacher Keith.

Teacher Keith, "There will be a major inspection going on each classes and all of you must stay on your seats whatever might happen. I know it is your first day of school and all of you maybe doing great today but we need to cooperate."

He reads the piece of paper which the principal gave to him. He looks so nervous, holding the paper shaking.

Teacher Keith, "I am calling Henry Fort." Please take the first seat on the first row.

And he continues to arrange our seats from first up to last.

The inspectors came and wear full gear mask with some kind of sprayer. We all confused and worried what is going on? Why there are inspections? What are they looking for? I'm getting nervous and cautious to what will happen. Teacher Keith started crying. We are so confused right now. Why Teacher Keith is acting weird? Teacher Keith talks.

Teacher Keith, "I know you guys are a great students. But there are a lot of things that we can't do anything. That we can't prevent. And all your parents suffer everyday just to make sure all of you are going to school and finished your studies. And It's hard to accept the fact that we can't do anything to stop suffering. But the world is changing. Sad to say our faith is controlled. And all you can do is just to surrender yourselves. Please, may your souls rest in peace."

All of us were shocked, looking at each other like we knew what Teacher Keith's said. And I slowly speaks loudly at them.

"We were all going to die."

All my classmates were shocked and scared. They started to escape but the full geared mask shouted loudly at us.

Mask man, "All of you! Get back to your seats! The doors are closed and you all can do nothing but stay on your seats. Or else you all going to die. I'm giving all of you a chance if you play by the rules."

I ran and go quickly to the door but Mask Man throw a fire on me so close. I managed to avoid the fire. Daisy and Cara, followed me to escaped from this hell. We ran into hallways and look back if the Mask Man followed us but he didn't. Finally, we got out in the campus. We got separate ways. I ran into our house quickly. I stopped running for a while and take a breath. Then, Mask Man found me. He runs towards me. I run again so fast. As I've reached our house. I look for my mother first. I called her but she's not answering. Then, I saw my mother in the kitchen with the Mask Man. Looks like she's handing him loads of money. They saw me and I was paralyzed.

I asked my mom, "What are you doing, mom?"

Mom answered, "Get in your room, Katy. Now!"

Katy, "No! This is getting weirder and weirder. Why would a Mask Man is in our house when all of them are also in our school? Is it about money, huh?"

Mask man speaks, "Yes, darling! This is the exchange for your life. I already killed you before but your mother forced me not to kill you. And here's the reason why, we kill those poor innocent like both you. But the Middle Class and High Class will lived.

Mom, "Katy, you need to leave. Just stay in your room. Please, I'm doing this for both of us. You see. Those students of yours that taken the front seats were dead. I saw them burnt alive in the back of campus. I went to your campus because I heard our neighbors there's something happening in your school. But I saw you already running outside so I hurry went back to the house and get a cash to pay those b*stards because I know what type living we have. What's the sense of money if my daugher is dead? So, I didn't hesitate to gave them all we have. I don't know what else to do. I am really sorry, Katy!"

Katy, "It's okay mom! The important is that you saved me, mom! I love you!


Sorry for my first attempt of writing a story. That's all the best that I can. ???? THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO READ!

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