Little Friend

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Just A quick short story I decided to write last minute about a stray cat and a lonely young girl going through hard times, enjoy!

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



I sat on the bench next to her. Her fur was thick and coarse, but still soft to the touch. Her black coat shined in the sun and her eyes glistened a pale olive green. I called her my little friend, and she called me "meow". After long days I spent nailed to the school desk and alone on the play ground, I walked down to the river-bend and sat along the rocks, listening to the wisping trees howl and the river rapids run. There, she would meet me; shortly after four. I would feed her my leftovers from lunch, which usually consisted of the meat I pretended to eat just to please my parents.
I would tell her all of my not-so interesting stories from my time at school, and she would listen. She was the only one who ever seemed to listen to me. Maybe it was because I fed her my left over bologna; but to me, it felt like more.
I never truly had anyone there for me when I was little, I was shy I never liked talking much. But when I was around little friend, she always had open ears for me. It was easy for me to be an open book with her, all you had to do was flip the pages and I would read straight from the lines. 
When it was cold during the winter we would meet down by the park on Picinick Avenue, where the swings were the smoothest and the benches were sheltered under the pine trees, which protected the bench from snow. I remember one time we built a snowman and she went out of her way to find the perfect pine cone for his nose. We named him Ralphy, and we spent the rest of our afternoons playing with him, until the snow melted. 
As the snow disappeared and the green grass grew, I grew as a person as well. I began speaking with the other girls at school, and learned how to ride A bike. I ended up spending a lot of time with Margaret and Lisa, my two neighbours who lived just across the street. We would play jump rope and go swimming down by Caddy pond. Times spent with them were never boring, we always had something to do.
One day, Lisa and I were walking home and we came across the river-bend. The water was calm and the trees were quiet. Something felt unusual  and out of place. That's when I saw little friend come out from under the stone bridge. 
"Ew! Is that a stray cat? My mum says those things have rabies! Stay away from it, Ella!" Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Little friend walked towards me and tilted her head, eyes watering.
"meow" little friend said silently, as she weakly approached the ankles of my boots. 
Little friend was sick. She hadn't been fed in months ever since I started seeing the other girls. I looked down at her with saddened eyes.
"I'm sorry little friend, I hope you understand. I have friends now, and everything has changed. I promise I will stop by and say hello from time to time." 
"Come on, Ella! Get away from that nasty thing!"
I turned back and looked at Lisa, waving me in the distance.
"See you." I glanced at her and ran away, one last time. 
"meow!" Little friend cried.
A year passed by; Lisa and Margaret had moved to Niverville. There I was sitting at the lunch table alone again, with no one to talk to and no kids to play with. At lunchtime I sat at the table and picked through my salami sandwich. 
That day I went to the river-bend and sat down by the rocks and listened as the trees had shed their leaves and the waters rushed swiftly. I waited with the remains of my lunch on the rock next to me.
I waited until 4:30, where I began to stand on the rocks and shout for my little friend. At five I picked up my things and began searching around the neighbourhood. I looked by the pond, the park, and even under the bridge. At 5:30 I decided to go home and call it quits for the night.
The next day, I waited for 2 more hours, calling her name, searching for her high and low, but she was no where to be found.
Ever since that day, I have lost the greatest friend I could have ever possibly have. Little friend would have never done what I had done to her. I gave up little friend and was selfish to think she would stay. 
From this day on I still wait at the river-bend, hoping she calls my name one more time again.

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