Lost Identity

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The Lost identity is story of amnesic woman struggling to reveal the mystery behind dead body found in her house...

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Lost Identity

The story begins with woman who wakes up early morning to find herself fallen on floor. She hear front door bell ring and moves to open the front door. She find a currier company guy with a box in his hand. The guy smiles at her. He provide the box to her as delivery of camera she gave offer a week ago. Woman acknowledges the receipt of product The guy request for water. Woman moves to kitchen to fetch water but, notices something fallen in adjoining room. She moves into room to find dead body of girl fallen on floor. The person at door entrance could hear the shriek of lady. He enter inside the house and roam into main hall. Woman arrives from interior of room and brawl at him. The guy could look at face of dead girl fallen in room. To avoid any argument, He moves out staring at Woman. The Woman hastily seize his box and provide him water. She bang door on his face. She moves back to room where dead body has fallen and tries to remember about Yesterday night. The more harder she tries, the more she fails to remind the truth. She suffer from amnesia. She decide to dump the dead body without anyone notice. The currier guy takes look at her with body from window of house. He escape away in his scooter in fear. Back at house, Woman wipes away the blood on floor. She wrap dead body into dump bag, wash her hand with soap. She takes the video tape fallen down from dead body pocket. She unlock backdoor of her house to throw body into dustbin. She could hear garbage carrier truck rolling in from distance. She hide back into house and takes look from small opening of curtains. The person carries waste into truck and moves away. She moves to kitchen and find 3 glasses of water kept on platform. Woman enter’s into living room and relaxes for a while. A telephone rings frightening her. She pick up the call. The person at other side of call introduces himself Lawyer Snipes and calls her Carla. He talk to her about certain proof she was going to hand him regarding Diana Headley. Woman does not speak any further. She stay dumb and keep receiver down. The woman hurriedly opens up the front door and takes look at name plate. It was written on it : Carla Holmes The Journalist. She think herself as Carla but, does not remind anything from her past. She moves to bedroom where she removes all stuff such as diary, official files and other. She find her identity to be Carla Holmes the journalist at ‘Times News’ press. She comes to know that house belong to herself with 2 more girls residing with her as in photograph kept in drawer. The photograph depict picture of herself along with Dead girl and one more unnamed girl. She could not remind name of both girls. She takes look at tape. She search for certain VCR or Video Recorder to play the tape. She find nothing until she takes look at delivered box. She open it up and find camera inside it. She play tape in the camera to look at video footage. It was of library where the same dead girl hides a paper inside the book holding camera with other hand. Carla takes look at video footage repeatedly and find nothing of her use inside it. The currier guy reaches back to office and get petrified. He removes gun from his office drawer. He decides of investigating the mysterious woman at Carla Holmes house.

At afternoon, Carla moves out of her house with bunch of keys. The currier guy takes look at her from distance. He wear his helmet and drives his scooter near to her house. Carla get confused over right key to start her car engine. She keeps on changing keys until she find car key has been misplaced or she forgot everything. She moves out of car on the street and board a taxi. The currier guy follow her on his scooter. Carla halt at her press office to remind more further she could. At office, she is not allowed to move inside with reason for absence of ID proof with her. She get frustrated and moves to near by café. The currier guy halt his scooter at distance near the office gate. He takes look at her all over area. Carla remind of cellphone she had in her bag. Carla order a cup of coffee waiting for her office colleague moving into office to remind her. All of sudden, Carla notices the third girl in photo she found at her house at distance talking to someone on street. She immediately move towards the girl entering into cab. The currier guy looks at her from distance and find her approaching towards him. He start his scooter engine and hurriedly makes his way along the cab in which the other girl sat. They both move in parallel with Carla following them in other cab. The Carla takes look outside of taxi window to chase the girl while, Currier guy assumes that she has been following him. The currier guy rush at distance and drives into lane sliding over someone shop. He find Carla taxi moving further without even recognizing him fallen on street. Carla find the girl entering the old wrecked building. She halt her taxi near to building and hurriedly chases the girl but, find no one neither near to elevator nor on stair case. She get nervous for her delay in arriving from taxi. At that moment, she takes look at board aligned on wall. The board had name on fourth floor as ‘Lawyer Snipes’. She remind the person who called at her house. She makes her way to elevator and escalates to fourth floor. She find a last room with door frame written : Lawyer Lewis Snipes. Immediately, she moves to the room. She find door opened slightly. She pushes it to take better look inside and find no one.  She calls for his name and hear someone running inside the room. As she moves inside, she find the girl fallen dead on desk. A man hiding behind the door elude away from her back outside of room. Carla command him to stop but, he grab a lift. Carla prefer staircase and ascend downward the building. She find man hurriedly moving out of building who, drives away in bike. She step back to fourth floor to have better look on dead girl. She verifies her belonging and find the photo of girl alongside Carla and person kissing her cheeks forcefully in some room. She get nervous with picture. She makes call to local police station and exit out of apartment gaining the girl ID. She board taxi and travel back to her house.

At night, She watches the television which broadcast a news of girl found dead in Lawyer office. The girl was named as ‘Brooke Shield’ who work at TimesNews press office. She was friend of the kidnapped girl Janet Margarot, who has been lost from yesterday. Police investigation does not reveal any link between both cases. They even could not found any identity of Janet Margarot so far in town. No relatives of her exist in town except for her Journalist friend Carla who reported her abduction. Before the news channel broadcast the photo of Janet Margarot, the light is lit off. Carla move upstair to bring some candles. She hear someone sneaking on her balcony. It was same guy who appeared at lawyer office trying to climb the house through pipe. Carla grabs huge stick and within second whips it of into guy head. The guy falls down. Carla moves below the house. Before she could make her move, she find guy missing. She move back to her house in dark with lighter burnt in her right hand fingers. She takes look in dark and find a guy with mask attacking her from front. She manages to protect herself by banging table lamp on guy head. She moves out of house with stranger still chasing her. She climbs up the balcony through pipe. The killer tries to slash her with knife. He scratches the pipeline of balcony. Carla immediately bangs flower pot on his head. The killer fall down on ground. The house lights are lit up. Carla moves down, locks up the front door and takes look at person who came to kill her. She could not recognize him until she turns up the light. She find killer to be same person kissing her cheek on photo she retrieved from Brooke bag. This makes her stunned. She immediately wrap the dead body of killer into dumb bag and dumps it into yard. The currier guy who was on top of tree find her dumping the dead body. He climb down and moves away in his scooter.

Next day, The person working at dumpyard notices something weird packed in waste bag. He open it up to find a dead body of girl inside it. He dial away the local police. Early morning, Carla redial the telephone number of Lawyer Snipes. She had talk with Snipes who inform her that he has been staying into new location after twice attack on him from past week. He invites her to restaurant for meeting. Carla packs her bag with tape and hire a cab to restaurant mentioned by Snipes in call. She reaches to restaurant followed by currier guy on his scooter. The guy moves into restaurant and takes look at Carla siting next to his table. He pretend to read the menu and secretly spies on her. Carla wait for long time until she receives call from Lawyer Snipes that he arrived to restaurant few minutes back but, found Diana Headley sitting inside.  Carla gaze at other end of table and find a woman with pink dress staring at her. She think the woman as Diana Headley who came to dinner with certain bodyguards. She smiles at woman from distance. Lawyer Snipes gives her address of his house to meet him. Carla agrees and makes an exit through door. The currier guy stood up and chases her. She board cab and makes her way to lawyer new house. She reaches to lawyer house where she find him listening to music in garden. She moves near to lawyer and introduces herself as Carla. He laugh at her with anguish look speaking : “I know you would come. How come they made such mistake of letting you loose. You may ruin our plan”. He point his pistol at her forcing her to move inside the house quietly. When they move into house, Carla hit the lawyer on his head with her umbrella. The lightning strikes the sky. The dark cloud surround the house. Carla jiggles with Lawyer who tries to prevent her from gaining pistol fallen beneath the couch. They both fight for weapon. All of sudden the lawyer suffer from heartache and fall below. The currier guy emerges out from front door. He point gun to Carla. He send call to cop. Carla is arrested and brought to police station where she meet Detective Dewey Wilson. He ask her reason for meeting Lawyer Snipes and fight that took place between two. Carla explain him that she was called by Lawyer Snipes to his house and attacked her. Dewey ask her about dead body dumbed at her house and reason for getting kidnapped. Carla seem to be pampared. He explain her that she is not Carla but, Janet Margarot the Kidnapped girl from past 2 days. Carla has been found dead in dumpyard out skirt of town. He makes her meet currier guy actually a police spy who visited her house with box to take look whether Janet has been kidnapped by her friend Carla and Brooke which police where expecting. The guy found Janet with dead body of girl in house. They ordered him to keep an eye on her. Carla get astonished by hearing truth that she is actually Janet and not Carla. Only problem was she could not remind anything of day before yesterday. She reveal to Detective Dewey that she has been suffering from amnesia and she does not remind anything except for what she did in two days. She played him the tape she found near dead body of girl in her kitchen. Detective Dewey listen to Janet but, keeps her in custody under investigation is over.

Next day, Dewey comes up with postmortem report that proves the reason for death of Carla was poison in her drink while, death of Brooke was by knife and mysterious man who attacked Janet and Brooke was Cory a photographer working at Jazz studio. He died due to flowerpot injury on his head. Cory was also boyfriend of Carla in past days and one of suspect behind Janet kidnapping. Janet does not remind anything except the fact that Lawyer who died due to heart attack called her to discuss on Diana Headley case and then turned against her. Dewey inform her that Diana Headley is newly arrival daughter of late mayor Stacy Headley and candidate for upcoming mayor election. She arrived to town day before yesterday and is one of famous personality of town. Dewey could not understood that why Carla reported the missing case of Janet, if she knew that Janet was staying with her in her house. Also police have no past identity of Janet Margarot except for photo submitted to them by Carla herself. Janet request Dewey to provide him assistance in solving the case. Dewey keep faith on her. He takes her along with him to library whose membership card has been found in her bag as displayed in tape. The library belong to TimesNews press and Dewey along with Janet search into library for long time. Janet however find the stack of book as shown in video tape. She removes one of book from library and turn its pages. A letter fall below from book. She read it for Dewey as : “Dear Carla, As per your request I removed several photographs from Diana Headley office and stored in vault for you. You promised me to pay amount of 200 dollars and I received it. This is number of vault : 67-90-45-77 you have to search over. From this moment we end our relationship. You should also keep in mind that I suspect Brooke secretly meeting some Lawyer Snipes and providing him certain detail of our plan. Your trustworthy, Cory”. Janet tries hard to remember everything but, fails. Dewey ponder about vault number. He check over the account details of Carla and notices that the bank she has transaction, also keep safety vault facility for customer. He along with Janet moves to Carla bank to check over the vault. They manage to open the vault using locker number 67-90-45-77. The number unlocks the vault which, contain several photographs of some official document. On reading it, Dewey find document were of chemical factory that depict the evolution of identity drug. A chemical that makes person amnesic and gain new identity whatever is assigned to him. Janet read further and discover that drug has antidote which can recover the person suppressed memories. Dewey get confused about the strange chemical manufacturing. He seal the factory for production of chemical drug without seeking permission from Drug authority.  The news reaches to Diana Headley in her office who, get angry over the shutting down order of her factory. Her uncle Cillian Headley meet her at office and admonishes her for negligence, she did in past days that may expose them. He even gawk her for sending Cory to kill Carla in exchange of huge sum of amount. He bring her news of death of Lawyer Snipes the person who was blackmailing the Brooke. Diana accept her guilt and promises to recover their lost. He ask her to send men to kill Detective Dewey as fast as possible to cover the crime.  

Dewey and Janet meet together and talk about antidote in factory. Janet think that someone has used same chemical on her and an antidote might bring back her past memories and she would be able to collect detail from her past. Dewey support’s her idea. They were about to leave when they are attacked by some local thugs, who fire at them randomly. Dewey manages to save Janet from attack. He shoot at certain men. He then manages to grab a jeep and fled away with Janet. They are chased by thugs who keep on knocking them.  Dewey ask Janet to wear seat belt and enter the heavy traffic road to disturb the goon following them. He knock of few bikers chasing them. He then drives jeep into subway. The goon which, follow them slides over the staircase. He takes few turn on platform creating chaos. The cops on station get alerted and fires back at goons. Dewey and Janet board the train and makes way to further stop. Several goons follow them in train. Dewey hides in toilet while, Janet sit on couch reading newspaper. The goon arrives in coach searching for her. They turn newspaper from her face and takes look at mobile picture. Dewey break their bones by hamming door from back. He hit one of them head on pole while, throws other out of window. The train halt at next station. Dewey carefully moves out along with Janet who cleverly takes mobile phone from one of goon. Janet remind from past after moving out of subway. A building in which she previously was tied in van by same thugs. Dewey and Janet makes way into abandoned building where Janet notices Cory room on 3rd floor. They both makes way to Cory house where she remind she was tied on chair surrounded by Cory and men. While searching in room, Dewey find a city map kept inside the drawer marked at certain points right from airport to Carla house. He understand that Cory was plotting a kidnapping of some one on day after yesterday. He also find ladies cloth kept inside his cupboard with the logo on handkerchief was printed as Carla. Several photographs of Carla and Cory were scattered in bedroom that indicates serious intimate relationship between them. Janet remind the photograph being taken in same room forcefully by Cory, Brooke and photographer actually the Carla. She moves out of room and remind the front room where a man was looking at her from distance. The room was locked with name plate : Lawyer Snipes. Dewey and Janet both are muddled. Janet get demented and weep at her distress condition. She does not understand that, her dear friend Carla and Brooke were behind her kidnapping. Dewey promises her to support till end of his life. He makes her know that, Person is known by his past but, can be well known by his present. She cannot change her past but, can create bright future. Janet remind of antidote. She along with Dewey visit the sealed office of Diana Headley. The factory was shut down. Dewey consult the forensic expert regarding the antidote. They provide him detail that no such antidote has been found. If it has been manufactured then, Somebody shifted it disposing any document of drug composition needed for it. Janet replies Dewey that antidote must be with Diana Headley. She also state him that goon were not after her as they removed newspaper from her face in train but, acted as they never knew her. They were constantly looking at mobile phone. She show him the mobile retrieved from one of goon which had picture of Carla Holmes. Dewey comes to conclusion that, A person who send these goon might be thinking that Carla is still alive with Dewey and is after him. Dewey also remind himself that, he has not yet published news of this case in any channel. The case is hidden that might have fooled the person behind kidnapping of Janet. Dewey does not understand why would person kidnap Janet whose identity is still unknown in town. Janet makes plan by which she ask Dewey to call the prime suspect Diana Headley to deal with her to provide Carla in exchange of huge amount of money. Dewey act as told to him by Janet. The news channel show the several campaigns undertook by Diana at several places to win mayor election.

At evening, Diana inform her uncle Cillian Headley about deal. Cillian warn her that dealing during election arrival may be harmful for her voting count. Diana does not listen to him. He secretly attaches transmitter to her watch kept on table when she was busy combing her hair. Dewey and Diana meet below the old railway track near boat yard. Diana comes along with back up though pretending as alone before Dewey. Dewey ask Diana to throw money bag at other end. Dewey wait for goods train to arrive. Dewey stand at one end of track while Diana at other end. Diana ask him to bring Carla in front of her. He keep on smiling with gun pointing at her. Diana henchmen could watch at them from distance. Diana is baffled when she find that train approaching near to them. Dewey ask Diana to step on track or else he would shoot her. Diana refuses but, is threatened by Dewey. She step on track when Dewey hold her hand to pull her toward him with train crossing the track in middle. The train cover’s the sight of Diana from her henchmen. They emerge out and approach at the dealing area, where they retrieve money bag fallen on rail line. Dewey along with Diana move into jeep. Janet with mask on her face ask Diana to hand over the antidote to them. Diana could not understood that this was for antidote. She refuses until Janet point gun in her mouth and punches her face twice. Diana agrees and ask Dewey to drive to her farm house. Dewey drives jeep to farm house. In way, he also call his colleague once a currier guy behind Janet to come alone to Diana farm house location. Uncle Cillian Headley is informed by Diana henchmen about her kidnapping. He get angry over her foolishness but, extol his own wit. He takes look at radar device which indicate the location of Diana toward her farm house.

At night, Dewey, Diana and Janet arrives to farm house. Dewey forces Diana to answer about strange chemical she experiment with. She reveal her drug which when consumed suppresses the brain nerves of subconscious mind that act as memory bank and stores past event of person. Such person may gain new identity, if needed. Diana takes them to her underground lab. The lab has various chemicals kept with tools and machines. Diana opens up the locker and removes the small glass bottle from it. The bottle was marked as antidote. Dewey ask her reason for forcing Janet to consume drug. Diana get confused and she does not understood what Dewey was speaking to her. Janet removes mask from her face while, Diana had strange look on her yelling, “You are not Carla.” A firing takes place from men who entered the lab. Diana hide behind the huge glass container. Dewey fires back at men. He protect Janet from there attack. He along with Janet hide in certain chamber where Janet removes syringes from freezer and inject it into bottle. She then makes her mind to inject the drug into her body. On injecting the drug, She find her eye lid covering her sight. She could watch Dewey being captured by men.

When Janet regain her conscious, She find Dewey and herself tied to huge pipe. She yells at her uncle Cillian Headley to set her free. She angrily stares at Diana and speak : “You are the same girl who met me at airport. You abducted me in van and took me to Cory place. Who are you ? Why you did this ?”. She angrily stares at her uncle Cillian Headley. Dewey does not understand anything. Diana smiles at her revealing that Janet is actually real Diana and candidate for mayor election. She left her father house at her childhood and returned only after her father death. Cillian Headley reveal the whole plan that he was secretly involved in production of amnesic drug with Dr Sherin Watson (pointing at fake Diana) to apply on Diana father but, somehow her father came to know about it and he had to kill him. Later he thought it was easy way for him to stood up and win mayor election. At that moment, Diana send letter of her arrival. He made a plan under which he send Dr Sherin to airport to receive Diana and then abducted her with assistance of Cory the part time photographer and gambler in his club. Cory took Diana to his house where, he use to stay with his girlfriend Brooke. Brooke made mistake and Lawyer Snipes next door neighbor took look at kidnapped girl Diana. He made his search to Diana college in another town and started blackmailing Brooke. Brooke along with Cory shifted Diana from Cory house to her friend Carla house. Cillian send his men to kill lawyer twice and Lawyer Snipes changed his location. Cillian Headley does not know what further took place when he sent Carla with drug.  He ask real Diana about it. Janet now as Diana remind everything when she is brought into Cory house where she is strangled by Cory and Brooke to take picture with Mayor daughter. Cory even kissed her on cheek. After which, she was taken to Carla house who befriended her. Carla got sweep in emotions of Diana helplessness. She ordered Cory to take some pictures from Diana office where Dr Sherin use to work as Diana. Cory did as told. She then called Lawyer Snipes who has been blackmailing Brooke in past days and talked to him about evidence she collected against Diana Headley. Cory found Brooke as suspicious but, real traitor among them was Carla. Carla decide to set Diana free when one night, Brooke came to her house. Brooke came with new name for real Diana that was : Janet Margarot. Carla had already planned poison for Brooke but, due to fight between Brooke and Carla. Brooke injected drug needle to real Diana and made her amnesic while, she already compelled Carla to drink the poisonous water. Carla died and Diana fell unconscious until next day she woke with no memory of her identity. Cillian proceed further that Brooke fled away in fear and informed him about what took place at Carla house. Cillian tried to convince her but, she ended her relationship with him. She instead warned him that she would publish everything in newspaper if she did not get clear out from murder of Carla. Cillian then send Cory to keep an eye on Brooke but, no news came out of Carla death. The Cory killed Brooke in Lawyer office while, he thought real Diana wearing Carla attire as Carla who chased him and might be alive. He informed Cillian about Carla still alive living at her house. Cillian send him to murder Carla and he went to kill Carla but, instead got killed himself. Diana now understood that why Lawyer on watching her got stunned and said : Who let you loose?. The Lawyer Snipes was expecting Carla and not Diana. Cillian smiles at her. He shoot several round of bullet at fake Diana. Dr Sherin dies at spot. Cillian smiles saying, that he does not need Dr Sherin anymore. She already won him many votes in name of Diana. By night he would broadcast in TV news channel that Diana left back to her mother house. It was time for him to became next Mayor, after his elder brother and father of Diana, Stacy Headley died.

Saying this, Cillian leaves two of them under surveillance of his men in farmhouse. He order his men to inject both of them with drug by tomorrow morning when the election result would be out. Dewey and Diana struggle for getting freed. Dewey feel great to have acquaintance with the daughter of late mayor. He whisper her to remove knife from his pocket and cut the rope. She removes razor knife from his pocket and tries to cut the rope. Dewey assistant a currier guy previously reaches to spot and knock down few of associates of Cillian. They get alerted and fires at currier guy, who is shot in shoulder. Dewey break open his rope. He frees Diana and they together hide beneath the heavy machinery. The goon comes over to search them. Dewey punches them hard. He fight with both goon splashing chemical of test tubes all over. The chemical cause few of them eyes to get burn while, others slides on sticky liquid. Diana too tosses acidic test tube which at one moment hit Dewey. Dewey and Diana both emerge out of house and find the detective previously a currier guy in main hall. He hand them keys of his jeep to stop Cillian from announcing at TV news channel. On other hand, Cillian reaches to TimesNews press office where, he was about to began his relay all over town. Diana and Dewey arrives by jeep to news channel office. By that time, Cillian began with his speech. He keep his men outside for security. Dewey explain the editor of news channel about real Diana being alive and present before them. He fight with several henchmen who fires at him. The men chases Dewey and Diana to top of building where they learnt that the woman accompanied with Dewey is not Diana but, someone else.  Dewey jump over them and seize control of gun. He shoot at them. Diana who was hiding inside the closet during the action at top of building, reaches to video shooting of Cillian Headley and appear before him. He removes his gun to shoot at her which, eventually get recorded on television viewed by peoples all over town. They come to know that Cillian lied to them and is after Diana. The building is evacuated by public. Diana run outside the room to hide beneath office desk. Cillian chases her to room. He is knocked at back causing him to loose his gun below some racks.  He catches Diana hair with his one arm and searches for gun. Dewey roam to find Diana. Cillian on noticing his arrival, He pushes Diana from glass window below the building but, she is hanged at small edge. Dewey fight with Cillian inside the room. Cops gather the building to make Cillian surrender himself. Dewey comes to know about Diana cling to edge of window. He tries to catch her when, Cillian from back hit hard on his hand causing her to fall down. Dewey get nervous and demented. He hit Cillian on his face and whack his both the arms. Several cops gather to remove Dewey hold on Cillian. Dewey leaves Cillian away and find Diana who was being saved by rescue team using bouncing sheet comes to him. He hug her tightly.

Next day, Diana takes over the post of Mayor and thanks people for voting her. Dewey leaves the stage quietly. Diana follow him and inform him that he can’t leave her because she is new mayor of town. She can be hit by truck or surrounded by abductors or victim of terrorist attack or her uncle Cillian may return from jail to avenge her. In such, She need someone to trust on, which can be Dewey. In such, She can provide Dewey of job of head of security. Dewey smiles and accept his new job.


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