300 Million Waves

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This is another vignette I wrote for my creative writing class. Please comment your thoughts!

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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300 Million Waves

 They are the only ones who welcome me. I am the only one who intensely explores them. 300 million waves with infinite splashes and diminutive bubbles splashing onto shore. 300 million who make beach goers feel they exist. 300 million stories and souls captured in the waves. From the vast sea they fascinate every pair of eyes, but I see further than the others.

 Their flow is mesmerizing. They gather people as if they were hypnotized. They revive hope and they deceive dreams and stand by while people fall in love and absorb the saltwater in their veins and eternally forget their value. This is how they rejuvenate.

 Let one forget his obstacles and obstructions, they’d clash like cymbals, each fighting to grasp the sunset. Clash, clash, clash together while I fly through them. They cascade.

 When I am too lost and too misplaced to keep floating, when I am just a speck in this sea of good fortune, then I turn to the waves. When there is nobody here for me. 300 million who soak my exquisite mind with comfort. 300 million who surmount the sun. 300 million who control my destiny.


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