The Girl Who Asked "Why Not"

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Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



The one born, bound to fate, doesn’t hold the right to…..say nor ask as the fate holds ultimate power and if this fate is written by this cruel world it will, without a doubt always be…..cruel.

Alexia was a girl born in an isolated village which still even in this age hold long abandoned rituals and religious belief, and so to its people women were the inferior being meant to be….crushed by those who are superior so the girls born there were either killed or kept as servants by the head of the village  . But Alexia was lucky to be born in her parents’ house as they cherished her regardless of the fact that she was a girl, they sheltered her and kept her away from the villagers.

But things won’t always go as you want; though understanding…..Alexia was a restless spirit always wanting to know more….of this world and her. She always had this question and most often ask her father “Why not! Why can’t I go out of the house, why can’t I leave this village?”
 But was never given an answer to that very question her curiosity grew and one day her parents were at their shop, she decided to leave her house to explore.

Walking through the village, with everyone giving her a suspicious gaze, a disgusted glare….scared her and she ran back home, she hid the fact that she went out from her parents.

The villagers told the head about the girl and there was an investigation. The other day all the villagers along with the head of the village gather around Alexia’s house and started shouting:
“Get that witch out here.”
“You cursed our village….If you won’t hand her over to the head the village will be destroyed.”

All those stupid beliefs….baseless superstitions,

The village broke in and started chasing Alexia, her mother tried protecting her but what can a lone women do, while her father stood there watching out fear from death. The villager captured Alexia and her mother warning her father not to move. The head grabbed the mother by her neck and press as hard as he could.

Alexia watched her mother’s breathe growing faint as she was being put down on her knees…..ready to be slaughtered in the name of peace. She gave her father, standing still a detested glare and shouted out loud:
“If this is what it means to be a man than I am glad that I was never born one.”
Saying that she grabbed a broken piece of glass lying on the ground and slashed the man holding her, then reach out to pick up a knife, grabbed it and stabbed the man strangling her mother, seeing that her mother is dead she stood up, turn toward her father, smiled and said;
“Why not Huh! Maybe because this world is way too cruel”
As she put the knife through her neck, crying.


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