Tread the Lonely Road.

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A poem that tells of what happens to those who manipulate others. the manipulated heal in time but the manipulators tread a lonely road.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Tread the Lonely Road.


A devourer of sunshine smiles and hearts grown bold,

Upon the soul, she claws with fingers digging deep,

The corrupter of all who’s souls lie bare,

For none who have knowledge have  the power to defy her.


All bow before her, dazzled by the show,

Uncertainty a cloud in innocent eyes as hearts grow heavy,

Eachsoul discarded, broken dolls upon the pathway,

Yet she walks onward, carefree, innocent, consumed by ice.


And yet the shadows haunt her, as she treads the lonely road of the manipulator,

A creature from a dark world, her heart rotten to the core,

Though her face lights up the world, her minions scurry from her,

The woman is left alone, as they save the last dance for themselves.


Yet the souls she has broken carry an immortal mark,

A shattered heart that has forgotten the song of a friend,

These wounds now raw will grow less in time,

While the woman treads the lonely road.


Those she leaves behind will grow anew,

 Stand tall once more as of ancient oaks, grown strong with passing time,

Yet the woman’s withered soul remains untouched,

As of  solitary mountains,  that stand  alone like her blackened heart.

© Copyright 2018 Murron Cain. All rights reserved.

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