the scepter

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when matthew discovers a strange book in his public library, he decides to bring it home after discovering his sisters name written inside the book, soon strange things begin happening as an evil cackling is soon heard.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Matthew is riding His bike when a severe storm rolls in out of nowhere, it is here where He finds shelter from the storm by entering a library.

Here Matthew winds up staying abit past library hours as He finds a mysteriously Old worn book known as the Scepter, it is this book that seems to put him in a trance as he reads from the pages, after spending about 2 hours in the library a middle aged man approaches the boy telling him the library is closing. Matthew explains that he was just seeking to get out of the rain and that He is sorry he got sidetracked with all the books, the librarian assures the boy that he is fine and that he can keep the book for 2 weeks after the librarian gets ready to check out the book for Matthew it appears to have already been checked out by a person known as Griselda Reed, Matthew finds it odd as its His sisters name the librarian and Matthew just push it aside thinking maybe she had left it when she went home, though the librarian can’t recall ever seeing her there today.

As Matthew exits the library he sees the storm has all but stopped but the road is a slippery mess and he must be careful but a few bullies from school soon give chase after Matthew and they manage to kick him and his bike down a muddy hill they all laugh as they quickly escape

“so long matt the Brat” replies freckled face and red curly haired Kyle

Matthew returns home with his wrecked bike hiding it inside the garage under a sheet he runs up the stairs and continues to read the mysterious book when his sister griselda walks in the room she teases him about telling dad and mom about Matt’s bike as she seen him hiding it earlier, Matt asks Griselda if the book he is reading belongs to her she implies she never saw it but her friend might be to blame as she likes teasing Griselda. Matthew thinking she is teasing throws a stuffed bear at her and slams the door.

Later that night Matthew falls asleep on the book and its pages begin to glow with a greenish hue as sweat begins pouring from his brow onto its pages awakening something from within the book hearing a whisper calling his name Matthew awakens and puts the book under his pillow as he climbs on the top bunk just below his sister as he goes back to bed.

The next day Matthew is awaken by his angry Mother

“Your going to miss your bus” She yells

as she shakes him awake, Matthew groggily picks up his pillow to get the book only to find it missing. He looks below his bunk for Griselda asking his mom where she had went, His mother responds she is downstairs eating cereal and he quickly rushes downstairs to see that his sister is reading the book.

“Give that back” Matthew demands

“What for? I’m just looking at your book” replies griselda

(Matthew snatches away the book from Her hands) As Matthew touches the pages of the book He notices the pages are sticky with peanut butter

“Mom look what she did to My library book” says an angered Matthew

“Aw its only a book Matt I’m sure I can call the librarian and get things under control” answers Matt’s mom

“Oh Boy” matt replies covering his face within the books pages. At the bus stop Matthew and Griselda are waiting for the bus when the bullies arrive

“so how is Matt the Bratt?”

“Not now Kyle” responds matt and his sister tells Kyle to

“lay off my brother”

that’s when Kyle goes after griselda and pulls the book bag she is wearing ripping the strap and sending all the papers into the street.

Matthew and griselda pick up most of the papers except one and its here that they notice it blowing away into the woods and they chase after it, couple minutes have now soon passed and Matthew is able to reclaim the paper but not before seeing the bus leave them behind “why didn’t you catch the bus Gris” Asks Matthew

“Cause if Your gonna get in trouble I wanna be by your side” griselda explains

(Matthew hugs her and griselda quickly grabs the book out from his hand)

“and I wanna see the look on your face when mom yells at you” griselda exclaims as Matthew chases after her and they run into the house.

Griselda locks herself into their room and starts laughing as she is reading the book out loud it appears to be an incantation which when read out loud awakens the witch and a green mist lights up the room griselda screams and an evil laughter is soon heard from within, Matthew desperately tries to kick in the door to no avail suddenly the door opens and he runs inside catching a glimpse of His sister being led by the hand by an evil looking old Hag soon He gives chase as He is engulfed in the greenish Hue and vanishes along with them in an Unknown world. ?

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