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This clip is a recap from the first part of my work titled, "Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation." I make this brief to reveal the point where the works in "Stairway To Tyranny" merge with the antebellum past, and with events occurring on the ground in our own day at the time of this writing around 2015-16.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



  In the first volume, Reflections On The Lose Of The Freeborn American Nation, we learned how the nation began with individuals imposing their desire to separate from the forces of corporation married with the British government/banking cartel, operating in conjunction with a government inside collusion, completely ignoring citizen concerns. The great barrier of separation was the anointed Constitution; a document of divorce, if you will, concluding what could be labeled as a bitter public right of dissolution. Guardianship over the land would be determined via an acrimonious custody battle, which also would determine how it was that the children of the land would be ruled.

We observed also a method utilized by the inherited arm of the same tainted collusion, managing to ease into a position of supreme authority first on the field of battle, then gradually into the office of first US President, beyond the interim. Most importantly, we observed that even in the days of the nation’s earliest organization, brute forces of the corrupted collusion held huge power and sway. Evidence of this power is tactfully tucked away inside the very document of the Constitution itself, as was clearly pointed out by the glaring fact that the US is a Representative Republic and not a true Democratic system!

Where the advantage to the tainted collusion lies is inside the very fact that Representatives may be bribed via “campaign contributions,” and dozens of contributions made underneath euphemistic labels and the later establishment of “straw men” proxy organizations that virtually indirectly facilitated this determined corrupt cartel collusion1…; and we shall all take notice again that there existed no check on this forthcoming possibility, though there did exist many calls for the checks in conjunction with a stained history, that clearly demonstrated the necessity for having solid checks in place to protect the interests of plebeian citizens on the ground.

The first superlative hero of plebeian masses and liberated individual enterprise America, the great intellectual Thomas Jefferson, no doubt advocated checks on the possibility of corruption via bribes to Representatives colluding with banks and corporate interests, but apparently even he was forced to compromise amid an air of general reluctance, when confronted by the already discernible power of a growing elitist banking cartel, apparent even at the onset of our nation’s blessed birth.

As a researcher, this author has yet to find hard recorded evidence of this compromise as it occurred, except that already mentioned which is locked away within the Constitutional document itself; but will gladly supply it as time betrays the verifiable existence of it, in lieu of the circumstantial evidence strongly suggesting the reality that most certainly, such a negotiated compromise did exist. We do possess documentation in minutes of the serious emotional debates preceding the proposed conclusions that make up the document known to us as the US Constitution, therefore providing it's own form of evidence for a great compromise2, even if clear specific notation of such a compromise does not exist in word describing it specifically as such.3

With the emergence of the Washington administration, we witnessed the first act to facilitate a consolidation of this power held by the corrupted cartel, and that act was the Presidential signing of the charter that established the First Bank Of The United States, with no call for checks of any type to be placed upon currency values via gold and silver or otherwise. As we shall recall, the power locked in this action, now given over to the cartel, was found inside the ability to falsely inflate the value of national currency, then deflate this value with an unbridled self-serving liberty. Deflation caused mortgage holders to go into default, and allowed banks to foreclose on individually owned property.

Congress then could base the deflated currency value on government owned property, allowing their cartel inside corporate connections, to snap up potentially valuable foreclosed bank properties and huge tracts of government land for pennies on the dollar, thus betraying the first to benefit. With a graduated manipulated increase in the value of the bank note by reinserting gold into the bank to back the already issued banknotes, and the corporate real-estate sell off that initiated from it4; the local centralized connected banks benefited from the banking cartel by making relatively easy to acquire loans available to the plebeian public as the property values were gradually inflated, but at deceptively high interest rates, placing the plebeians who desired to exercise their Constitutional right to own property in the position of being highly indebted and having to pay three times over the asking price in the course of the loan, just to actually “own” the property.5 There was a property tax levied in the early days6, but not near to the extent of present day amounts, in the currency values of the day or translated back into those of our own time.

In observance of the stated facts, we bear witness to the manner in which banks, real-estate corporations and government always win in this corrupt bargain. The obvious loser here being the individual plebeian citizen, a fact that Jefferson and others battled to neutralize, to the very best extent that doing so was possible. The failure of Jefferson and nearly half of the government body, to neutralize the corrupt collusion betrays the negative power that had already ruthlessly dominated the halls of US Congress and government in general, even during those earliest days of the Republic.

This dark conspiring cartel would never surrender its position of power without a fight to the bitter end, since it apparently felt that it was above all forms of retribution; although actions that manifested on the ground to clearly reveal this “untouchable” attitude were destined only to come later on in time. In the initiative, rank and file plebeians were seldom even aware of the power enthroning itself inside that grand calcimine mansion high on the hill above them. It may well be argued that few rank and file citizens, even in our own day, are honestly aware of the centralized collective absolute authority that lords high above all that they hold dear.

Within the time frame of the charter being signed and barely a year in passing, the collusion did exactly what Jefferson had warned of, confirming the necessity for checks on currency values and inside the system at large. We witnessed this confirmation in “the great fraud” against The Revolutionary War veterans; individual states by having the national debt shifted back onto them with no apparent preconceived Federal plan in place to assist in paying it off, and individual farmers who had hard won personal property confiscated in lieu of individual states defaulting on their callously imposed responsibility to pay allotted national debt amounts, which was obviously presumed on part of those advocating the actions taken.

Proof of this fact exists with the official historical record of inside connected speculators purchasing the worthless bank notes from desperate plebeian RW veterans and local citizens, who obviously knew beforehand, that the value of the bank notes was going to be manipulated from almost no value, to full face value, being a dollars worth of gold for the stated dollars value on the note7. The individual plebeian only received .10 to .20 cents on the dollar in gold from the speculator, who received the full face value per Hamilton’s appeal to congress for “assumption,” as we may recall from our earlier reading..

Others who were on the floors of Congress and would later ascend into power were witnesses to this great fraud, and Congress eventually fell into two opposing groups as a result of what half bore witness to. The character defining truth that stood before individual congressmen was: either the individual congressman saw their own opportunity to satisfy their own insatiable lust for more wealth conjunctive with raw power at all costs, and the new nation of America be damned, or they were highly against the corruption and willing to make the supreme sacrifice in battle against it, to be very blunt about the matter.

This manifestation in the personally chosen direction of our national leaders, not only revealed the place where their honest allegiances lay, but it also reveals their true concern for the citizen masses on the ground, no matter what these individuals said at the time when interviewed, or what our official historical record speaks of in this present day and time.

As time progressed, those two opposing groups evolved into two official political parties, The Federalists and the Jeffersonian Democrats. Eventually the Federalists evolved into the modern day Republican Party, and the Jeffersonian Democrats, later on transformed into the Jacksonian Democrats, which in passage of time became known simply as The Democratic Party. The DP represented the Constitutional right of individuals to ascend the ladder of excellence into a level of wealth, on par with that of aristocracy by self enterprising efforts, although their influence in government {the representative body}was totally eliminated with conclusion of the Civil War; and their own side, the side that demanded checks on the corrupted cartel ruling the functions of government, losing.

A greatly modified version of the DP would emerge in 1875, but a complete destruction of its supporting economic base rendered it largely impotent as far as the functions of national government go, with the DP only serving primarily as a State based governmental body. From a practical point of view, this corrupted collusion of corporation, national and international central banking elitist literally lorded over the American nation in the absolute; and now did not even have to deal with a solidly organized faction who opposed any of it's self-serving actions taken, transforming it into what is known to hard core students of history as a collective absolute authority.

Eventually the DP would descend into it's present day position; that being one of two legs supporting the present day US system of government, bearing a body supporting an outright Socialization of the masses as well as a Socialist platform agenda in general, favoring group concerns, with any concerns of prosperity and rights {constitutional and otherwise} of the individual plebeian being sacrificed on the altar of that which has been euphemistically labeled as “progress” over the course of the last sixty years.

The Republican Party still maintains it's original stance, that being a party strongly advocating rule of corporation, centralized bank/The Federal Reserve, with an inside government collusion (the complete US representative body minus a few lone voices) presently absent of all opposition standing to support plebeian/Constitutional issues, and no checks or balances to regulate the potential for corruption on either end or in their dealings with individual plebeians in the Federal, or even at the State level, in an overwhelming majority of instances8. Here, even inside our present day and time, we may recall recent facts to reveal the rapacious demon hiding inside the deceiving mist hovering just before us:

Haley supports lower taxes (for corporations) and opposes regulation (corporate regulation). In inviting business (corporate entities) to move to South Carolina she has said:

" What I'm saying is, if you come to South Carolina, the cost of doing business is going to be low here. We are going to make sure that you have a loyal (regulate to discourage worker liberty of mobility),9 willing workforce (regulate competition from individuals until citizens have no other choice in life but to labor for the interests of the corporate aristocracy) and we are going to be one of the lowest union-participation (no check on the corporate interests to secure plebeian concerns) states in the country."10

The obvious question here is just where does this reality leave the plebeian masses, who in all hard historical honesty, have no Representation what-so-ever in the government process, save only a few lone voices in the darkness; just as our Patriotic Revolutionary forefathers were to the British? Some plebeians on the ground may argue that we are simply “just at the mercy of corporate interests and all that we may do is live in it and accept their rule, embracing the push to categorize an individual's total loss of liberty as “progress,” rather than to stand and fight against it”; but the words of Jefferson remind us that such is never the case..., once we are keenly aware of where it is that the real power lies.

The truth is, that while no checks securing plebeian interests presently exist in the halls of US Congress, with the clandestine central bank and it's corporations, who only continue to exploit our labor in search of new ways to purloin our sustenance,1112 and certainly no one inside the White House really ever desired13 for plebeians to prosper1415 since the days of James Buchanan, one sole absolute still yet rises to the surface from amid the dark waters of deception. In truth there only stands one place yet remaining, where force of power is far greater than either of the corrupted three who stand to oppose us, our God anointed individual liberty and our sacred Constitution!

During the years between the signing of the FBOTUS, and commencement of the Civil War, was a war between the two opposing factions mentioned, inside the halls of US Congress and even inside the White House itself. This impassioned  war of impeccable violence began with a war of words, but erupted into fist fights inside the halls of US congress as the evil collusion swelled. At least one dual16 and two possible Presidential assassinations, especially in regard to the death of Zachary Taylor: and an outright war between the US President and the cartel collusion forces of currency consolidation/centralized banking17 designing to favor an elitist corporate aristocracy and their bought-and-paid-for inside Representative connections.

To facilitate support on the ground among the plebeians, for what was obviously a fore-conceived plan of future invasion, even as far back as the Jackson administration, the corrupted collusion created a distraction in the form of a divisive appeal to emotion directed toward the presumed opposing sympathies of the plebeian masses. This manipulative “appeal” was made via distribution of subversive inflammatory literature18 among the masses on the ground, advocating an outright attack on the economic base supporting Representatives who demand solid checks on the banking system and functions of favoritism between corporate interests, conjunctive with their paid-off Representative bodies; all of which who stood to gain financially from their cooperation within the dark banking cartel and their insidious  representative collusion.

The US President in office just preceding the Civil War, Buchanan, although he supported the Constitutionally endorsed right of the South {or any individual state} to succeed, declaring in a Congressional address that tariff “extortion” had been what facilitated the succession; with the exit of Confederated State representatives, he had no choice but to placate the opposing side, at least to an obvious degree.

When the Representatives made their initial exit from the Democratic convention in Charleston SC, resigning to assume their new positions inside the newly forming Confederate Congress, The Morrill Tariff of 1861, favoring the interests of the corporate aristocracy, was ratified into existence; further intensifying the existing animosity and no doubt, an attempt to agitate a forceful, even violent response, since the looming conflict was presumed on the initiative by the US Federal government, to only be a short one at best.

Inside the same span of time, the corporate dominated congress also endorsed a number of other acts via The Morrill Tariff, that are worthy of a mentioning here inside this text. Since none of these acts were a true benefit to the plebeian American citizens of the day, the funds of which were extorted primarily from upon the backs of those inside the individualist realm residing within the newly forming boundaries of Confederating States; the same realm who supported Representatives that demanded checks on currency in the form of species, neutralizing interests of the corrupt collusion who designed to benefit from not having any in place.

The Western states stood in the same situation as the South, but without risking an attack on a broad scale due to a very limited, unrepresented population base, who would stand with inconsequential opposition at their very best. The only possible exception in the notation of plebeian benefit here might be discovered inside The Homestead Act, but even here, one must proceed very cautiously before leaping into any rash assumptions.


The Morrill Act


The Morrill Act facilitated a program of land grant colleges. The MA was to fund a system of colleges by granting Federally owned land to the States/via corporations for them to sell, endeavoring to raise funds for the purpose of establishing schools. In theory these institutions were established to instruct in “sustainable” agriculture, military science and engineering. Most land grant colleges became the large Universities of today, but some few did become famous corporate “influenced” private schools, such as Cornell University, The University of Delaware and the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and there were many others as well.

We must keep in mind that these colleges were financed on the backs of the most debt free States at that time, and the most resilient financially, via the Morrill Tariff19, who only demanded checks on a banking cartel and its representative collusion determined to facilitate its own self serving designs at the expense of plebeian masses.

In addition to the statements already made, the land grant system of financing colleges had no solid Constitutional backing.

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