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A short poem by me :)

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



The poster on the wall tells me to be motivated,

How can I be motivated when I'm visibly frustrated,

It might not be clear but today I am agitated,

And this poster on the wall has failed to keep me captivated.

How do I inspire myself to do better?

Do I write myself a meaningful letter?

Shall I wear my "You can do it" sweater?

Or maybe I need to sync my internal carburetter?

I look to others to see how they do it,

It's quite difficult, I must admit,

Everyone looks the same, I must be a hypocrit,

Everyones face just seems so coutnerfiet,

And then I realise what people are thinking,

The ship I am on is no longer sinking,

I blink faster and catch other people blinking,

And in that moment my doubt is shrinking,

They're all inspired to go home to their lives,

A lot of them are keen to go greet their wives,

A hard days work stabs you like a couple of knives,

The glimpse of happiness makes my inspiration revive,

The key to be inspired is to think past the gloom,

Sweep the worry and the doubt under the rug with a broom,

Fill your mind with outcomes that don't involve doom,

That is, of course, only what I can assume.

Life isn't about inspiring quotes or posters,

The whole world doesn't have to be on your shoulders,

The inspiration to do well lies with the beholder,

Don't sit around and wait till you're older.



Life is short and people say it flies by. A year is actually a really long time, that's a possible 365 different adventures waiting for you. Don't waste your day thinking about that holiday, reach out for it. You might not get what you dreamed of, but anything close is better than not having anything at all. Don't rely on others to inspire you, inspire yourself to be the better you. Life isn't a competition, there are no medals at the end. So live it with enjoyment and don't hold back from your ambitions. 


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