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Anyone else unable to cope with the hot weather or is it just me?

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



The weather's going to be nice at weekend

According to the reports

While everyone's at garden parties

I'll be staying indoors.


I just don't like the sunshine

You'll find me in the shade

While everyone basks in gardens

Drinking lemonade.


The forecasters say it's glorious

But I completely disagree

Enjoy the good weather they say

They can't be talking to me.


When people hear I don't like the sun

They stare like I'm a freak

Am I the only one who dreads to hear

It's going be nice all week?


The country basks in the heatwave

Enjoying it while it lasts

A hundred invites to barbecues,

No thanks, I think I’ll pass.


We should have a barbecue, he says

What a good idea!

He joins the crowd at the supermarket

Stocking up on all the gear.


The food sizzles and spits on the grill

He doesn’t think meat is murder

He’s had fifteen already

But he’ll have another burger.


These days it's year round tanning

But I'm as pale as a ghost

They make sure they're done on both sides

Sun lounging human toast.


I prefer the early dark of winter

Seeing the stars in all their glory

I don't have a reflection

But that's another story.

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