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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Shadow is supernatural thriller of a person haunted by his own shadow and how it makes him realize about his inner sense.
Characters :
Nitesh - a middle aged government employee.
Shadow /God - a dark and poor person.
Milkman - a daily milk lender
Paperboy - a paper delivery person.
Biller - a person from cable company.

Locations :
-A hallroom of any small house

[At night Nitesh comes home late with lot of money in bag. He counts them happily. He receives call from his colleague]

Nitesh : Hello ! Who is calling ? [hearing to caller….]

Nitesh :Mr Shastri. Yes! Yes! I remind you. [hearing to caller….]

Nitesh:Thanks for money. Rs 37,000 handed over to me. Your work has been done by me. As per you notice, I passed your permit to senior members for building construction on illegal land. Now, Its upto me, I will do whatever I want to remove those poor people cottages from that land. You rest peacefully at your house. [hearing to caller….]

Nitesh:After such a heavy drink party, Who would not do your work ? Peoples like you are responsible for our progress. [hearing to caller….]

Nitesh: Just keep lakshmi krupa on me and your work would be done continuously. [hearing to caller….]

Nitesh: Ok Bye. Good Night.

[Later on he sleeps on bed. He wakes up hearing a noise of something fallen down from his cupboard. On rising up he slowly moves towards cupboard picks up the fallen thing and again goes to bed ,switching of all lights. Once again he hears same noise. He in fear approaches towards cupboard.]

Nitesh: Who is there ? Who is there ? Who is there ? Who is there ?

[After complete silence, he picks up the fallen box and keeps it back. Again box falls.]

Nitesh: Who is there ?

[ A dark shadow from his body moves in front of him. He gets scared. Hides back of bed and peeps through it]

Nitesh: Who are you?

Shadow :[laughingly] I am you and You are me.

Nitesh:Shut up and answer me straight Who are you? Why are you here? And How did you manage to enter in?

Shadow : Wait ! Wait ! Wait ! I repeat I am you. I am here for you and I am within you.

Nitesh : Don’t try to make me fool. I know you are after my money. Just tell me who are you ?

Shadow:[laughingly]Hey Hey Relax ! I swear you. I am just your shadow. If you don’t believe me. Just pretend to do something and you will know yourself.

[Nitesh lifts up his hand in air and to his amaze Shadow does the same thing. He then dance crazily to see shadow imitating him as of his mirror image. He then comes near to shadow and tries to touch it but his hands pass through it. Frightened he moves backward.]

Nitesh: Are you really my shadow? Then why don’t you look like me.

Shadow : How much time I should tell you? I am your inner good conscience that is making you realize about your mistakes of life. You have turned pale due to your bad nature and actions.

Nitesh :You are making me insane. Still if I agree, then why you are here? You should be with me as you are part of me.

Shadow : I felt shamed of being staying with you. I decided to leave you.

Nitesh : What ? but, Why ? Why?

Shadow: After so much of money laudering trials you have done from last year by forcing innocent to suffer and helping rich and bullied peoples to rule this country.

Nitesh : What? You are trying to advice me. You are Neta or what?

Shadow : No. Minister just gives advice they don’t act. I have acted and leaved you once for all.

Nitesh : Then you may be A.C.B(Anti corruption bureau person) trying to arrest me. I warn you as I know lot of peoples who are senior to you.

Shadow: No fool I am not A.C.B. They are binded by laws and are servant to ministers. I am independent and was only binded by nature that’s why before leaving you I am in conversation with you.

Nitesh :Oh Please. Stop joking tell me you are Income Tax person after my black money. I will not give it to you unless you prove it to me.

Shadow: Oh goodness! Person like you are always after money and are always threatened of loosing it. I am not I.T. personel. I am not after your money though I am black I am much brighter in look than your money.

Nitesh: Then tell me who really you are? Are you a thief?

Shadow: Thief’s don’t negotiate. You have experience of it as you are bigger thief than me.

Nitesh: So you are trying to make me crazy right ?

Shadow: You are crazy after money. Why should I try making you more insane ?

Nitesh: So you are Shadow. You don’t want me but I must tell you that you are part of me and hence Its impossible for you to leave me.

Shadow: Yes ! I was part of you but you replaced me with your acts,your deeds and your karma(work). Your work has costed you to loose me and your money can’t buy me.

Nitesh: Shut up! I do this for getting rich and rich peoples leave long with or without their shadow.

Shadow: So my dear leave long! But never forget man cannot escape one thing in his life his deeds. It stays with him in both light and dark.

Nitesh: Then just go off me. After you are only a shadow of mine. You always leave me in dark and only stays when light falls on me.

Shadow: I never leave you in dark but you in darkness forget’s about brightness of Good work hence you never see your shadow. You human beings always crave for more that makes you blind enough to see your shadow.

Nitesh: So you are trying to explain me about what I did last year was wrong against law.

Shadow: No you are aware about law. Your are literate. You know what is wrong. Only thing you don’t know is how it affects you.

Nitesh:[Laughingly] You are ruining my sleep. Let me sleep and you go were you want to.

Shadow: On I am leaving you but before that I would tell you that from tomorrow you would have to tolerate so many peoples like you in front of you.

[saying this shadow leaves him]

[Next morning, Nitesh rises up from bed. He moves towards mirror and hears about door knock heavily]

Nitesh: Coming![Opens up the door to find milkman]

Milkman:Jai Ramji sir! I have came to take my monthly bill.

Nitesh: What but its not 30th of this month ?

Milkman: Sir ! Today I had an interrogation with my Bhaisi(Bull) who told me that she want to get married to One Bhaisa(Bull) in our neigbourhood. But Bhaisa would married only when I would purchase him from my neighbor. So, Now I want milk, Milk requires Bhaisi and She will give only when married to Bhaisa and that is possible only if I pay to his owner. So hand monthly payment or forget about milk from tomorrow.

Nitesh: Wait! Wait! How could you take money before hand ? You only gives me half a litre milk that also with half water pour in it. So share is of only 25% of milk I get.

Milkman: So what if I pour water? Water is too scarce in Mumbai and not free of cost if purchased. Ok If you want more pure water-milk then it would require extra charges to pour Bisleri water in that mixture.

Nitesh:[worriedly] I will complain it to food department.

Milkman: Ok then make a complaint. I always fill their pockets not to bother in such tiny matters. They are all my workers.

[Nitesh hands over Rs 5,000 quietly and shut down door angrily,cursing food department]

Nitesh: Oh God ! How much corruption is rising in town ?

[Nitesh goes for making his daily tea. A door bell rang’s again]

Nitesh: Now, who is this ?

[Saying this he moves towards continuously rattling door.]

Nitesh : Slowly man. I have waked up just now.

PaperBoy: Good morning ! Sir. How’s your day ?.

Nitesh: Not so good. Forget it. Where is my paper ?

Paperboy: Today no paper Sir. Only monthly payment.

Nitesh: What? What has happened today to all? Today is not 30th of month.

Paperboy: Actually sir. The printing press from were I bring your newspaper is in loss from last month. Hence it decided to take prepayment from its existing customer at the same time charging reduced money to new buyers to lure them to buy newspaper.

Nitesh: Wait ! In Loss. How can they charge us for that? This is rubbish charging double from existing one and selling at half price for new ones.

Paperboy: Please sir. Don’t get angry at me. I am only a delivery boy. I don’t know anything about company rubbish laws and matters. I do my job. If you want paper from tomorrow pay me Rs 5000 in advance else forget about newspaper.

Nitesh: I will complaint this to news agency. How could they do this ?

Paperboy: No use Sir. Complaint has been registered from last month by some people like you and today court has given justice on favour of news agency. Everywhere money speaks Sir they have purchased judge too I have heard myself.

Nitesh : Oh know. This much corruption is taking in town. I can’t believe it.

[He realizes about shadow saying and just ignores it handing over Rs 5000 to paperboy.]

[After which Nitesh goes over to watch TV but to hell T.V. refrains from starting. Angrily he nags to T.V. and doors open widely as he has left it open previously in hurry.]

Biller: No use Sir. Your cable connection has been cut.

Nitesh: Now who the hell you are? What rubbish you are speaking to me ?

Biller: Sir, Your cable service provider. I have cut your connection after recognizing your pending amount of Rs10,000 from last sixth month.

Nitesh: What? How could it be ? Just wait![hurriedly moves to drawer opens it and checks out the bill and happily comes towards it]

Nitesh: See I told you I have paid my bill already. Now be a good baby and connect my T.V cables, Please !

Biller: [tears down the bill] Sorry sir but policy has changed last sixth month. As many peoples today prefer Dish T.V over cable connection. We are now renovating our business by adding several new channels including those adult channel too which you would mostly prefer. This requires extra expense. A bill you paid last month is forbidden now Sir. You have to pay new bill that would include sum paid by us to Relay centers or forget about T.V. and those channels.

Nitesh: What the heck? How could you charge me for such channels that ruin our culture? Did you know about TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). They ban such content.

Biller: Shut up! I am not here to hear from you about laws made by TRAI. I have already paid them lot of money for this administrative rights purchased from them and now no one can charge me as criminal for this. Quietly hand me that dedicated amount as it also has their share or I give you another choice : Just hand me only Rs 7000 and I will connect your T.V. without anybody notice.

Nitesh :[sobbing manner hands over Rs 7000 to him assuring about T.V connection as he leaves alone. ] Please reconnect my wires.

[Nitesh closes his door and goes on to check for his money bag and found only Rs20,000  left in it. After some minutes, he goes towards his mandir and prays to god please now don’t charge me any more money as money left is my own salary. Suddenly door knocks]

Nitesh : No I will not open it ? More billers more expense I can’t have it.[says to himself]

[After some silence door opens up heavily with noise and light comes from it slowly towards him.]

Nitesh: [worriedly] Who you are ? Don’t tell me you are after my money ? Its my money.

[A person with crown on his head approaches near to him. That was same shadow he encountered last night.]

Nitesh: You again ? You met me last night and what you told all happened with me. I have been cheated.

God: So you remind me and more good for you to remind our conversation that took place last night.

Nitesh : Yes I remind it. It means this you did to me. God please you can change anything. So please change this back. I promise I will give you Chadav(offerings) in your temple.

God: Shut up! You ruthless person . Don’t make me impure by giving offerings that are of no precious too me. I leave on your motive of coming to me and your faith that makes me more powerful. Not your offerings that make me weak day by day.

Nitesh: So God I am sorry. Please help me to get my money back.

God: Yes I will my child but before that you help me get my something back that you have selled to someone.

Nitesh: What God ? I have not dealed any items relating to  you.

God: You had my son. You selled the SelfEsteem, you selled the Kindness, you have selled the Faith on me. My son I have set destiny for each and every man on earth. I decide about their fate. But you opposed it by selling my place to some one else.

Nitesh: Your place God. I have never done dealing of temples land. I have only selled the poor people land opposite of oshiwara road.

God: Exactly that’s the place where I live from lot of years. You selled it and now  I have to be shifted to new location as I dwell in poor people heart.

Nitesh: What God? Sorry God ! I promise you I would not let you down.

[Saying this he calls a person who gave him Rs37000 and chats about he will not sell that land as right now he is interrogating with God]

Nitesh: So God ! Now I have done your work Just change it to back.

God : I can’t because I am not god.

Nitesh: What ? Who are you then? I am a resident of that oshiwara land area. I live with my family of 2 kids and wife. I go daily morning to feed them and returns home late night. I hardly manage to send them to good school. How could I manage to rehabitate.

Nitesh: So you fooled me.

[The milkman,Biller and paperboy all arrives there. Nitesh strangely]

All: We fooled you.

Nitesh: You all. But why you did like this to me?

God: Why not? They all live on that land you tried to sell. I am a member of NGO trust “Seva ” . and when I heard about you being involved in it, we could have gone to A.C.B to target you in corruption charges but we used better way to make you realize that Corruption affects every single person in society. We created a plan to make you realize how corruption would affect rich ones when we poor to started using same technique for their each and every work. I made them not to use harsh way but make you realize sincerely to make you fall in yourself. Imagine if all people started with easy money what would it result in as there would be no laws, no rules, no livings. People would get insane over a money.

Nitesh: So what? I am not going to do this. I am not one. There are many behind and in front of me.

Milkman: Then join us and slowly we will be many and they will be one and that’s how we win.

Nitesh: No you are just targeting me.

Paperboy: No we haven’t. For us targeting you was before hand but we want yourself to realize about your actions.[saying this that hands over money back to him]Take your money back that does not suit in our hardworking hands.

Biller : We may be poor but we are not bad. We care about you, your wants but let me tell you wants can be fulfilled by incorrect means but to fulfill needs we require guts. We too want to become a rich but not a easy way. We toil day and night and we will to increase daily earnings. God: We now live you but warn you about  society getting corrupted day-by-day.

Nitesh:[Realizing his mistake] I am sorry. You all are great simply great. Now I understood the real effects of that money tricks which I used to play on peoples. I will support you and help you get justice. I will fight for you all.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

© Copyright 2021 KingKong2050. All rights reserved.

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