Inside the mind of an artist

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How does an artist mind work? What conceptions do we have? Here is a short writing about inside the mind of an artist.

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



It takes deep thoughts to show how a person can think of what to fill in an empty canvas. Every artist has his or her perspective of what should be on that empty board. Whether a writer, a painter, a musician, a singer or a magician, there are certain memories that they somehow link to what they present.

I just don’t sit and start painting because it’s a skill or because I want to show it all off or I don’t just do it because someone told me to.  There are times when negligence drags me to the canvas; there are times when immense pain deep down the mind just bursts into vibrant colors on a canvas and also times when happiness just makes me want to paint. What a painter thinks before he paints is what he feels or what he is going through at present. People say “Oh her work is always deep and dark, she must be depressed”. But what if I say painting dark gives me happiness it is the only key to open the door of locked elation and contentment.  The inner mind of an artist varies; it can be dark, hateful, sinful and full of unforgettable memories on the other hand an artist also can be bright, colorful, romantic and full of jubilation. Not every artist has to go through phases in life to express art.

I visited an art gallery in Mumbai, India about a year ago, walking through that hall and to observe every piece of art made me to wander off into it, I mean that’s what they are for to understand and see how each stroke has to express what the artist was feeling when painting or sculpting it. The gallery inside had white walls that went really well with the paintings and there was a good measurable gap between every painting for the comfort of visitors. There was work that was dull, vibrant, flat, distinctive, clear and contrasting.  I noticed an elderly man who was in a wheelchair who was staring at one piece for almost an hour. I was curious to know what took him so long. So I walked towards him and asked him politely because I didn’t want to invade his privacy. He smiled and said “Oh, You may not be able to see any details of the brushwork or mark making if it's a small painting, but remember that in some styles of painting all brush marks are carefully eliminated by the artist.” That was very new to me I never thought about that. He also told me he used to work with the army and often painted at his free time, and his love for art will always remain eternal. He said “Art can be defined as exultation or discordant”, he was then taken to the next art piece by his caretaker and I wished I could speak more till he departed.

Different galleries speak differently, for me it’s like entering an examination hall, a test for myself where I need to think inside to understand what is going on in an art piece. I didn’t learn art; I wasn’t taught how to hold a brush or how to dilute water well with colors. I started with drawing rough sketches behind notebooks at school, I never thought I was good neither was I encouraged to join an art school. My first painting was at home on a chart paper, it was a broken vase with dried flower or roses to be more specific. I used water colors only because that was only what I had at that time. I displayed it on an empty wall at the living room and my mother liked it, when we had our family time together she often questioned me about why couldn’t the flower be alive, why were they dry? And I never answered that question. But now I know why, not every painting can be the same; I mean people draw flowers alive and all boomed up with sun rays kissing the petals, what happens after? They die and I somehow felt even flowers could look beautiful even when they die, because they release deeper and bold colors. You will see the cover page of this article is my first painting and understand how things can look even when they are not alive.

I could describe my work well when I have visitors at home; they have a lot of questions about every work.  But I’d like to give the observer freedom to think and to take it the way he or she likes it to be.  My brother, David loves superheroes and one of his favorites is the Batman. And that was another dark painting I had. I started with the bat and somehow felt it needed more colors to it, so I added the Joker to it which blended really well. Now to talk about that art piece I would say that every human being can be a hero and being a hero means you also have a darker side. I didn’t paint the batman and the joker because they are very famous characters; I painted them because it shows how either side of a human being can differ from each other and how we live being good and evil. My husband loved that painting a lot; he would say it is one of my best, which made me want to paint like that even more.

Not every artist is a sadist; he doesn’t have to go through trauma to become one. Art cannot be distinguished with an artist it can only be described.

“What place you would like to visit or explore, what is your dream destination”? my sister asked me once and I said “Paris, France” and before she could say anything else I told her “It is my dream place not because it is the city of love, I always wanted to visit the Louvre, of all I read and explored about it already in the internet makes me want to be physically present in an enormous museum” and I told her the day I get there I will consider it the best day of my life. My love for art changed the human being I used to be it teaches me to be bold, independent and strong, and to tackle with every up’s and down in life. If it weren’t for the brushes I would probably waste half of my life in sitting in a bar drinking to sadness. Painting, writing, singing or playing a musical instrument is art; it is freedom it helps a person to express well and helps to get out of sadness and discomfort. Maybe when time comes I will have an art gallery of my own wherein I would spend the rest of life growing old or maybe an art school to spread the word of art what it means to me and what it really is.

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