My Own Cochin City

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A time has come when my Cochin city fulfill our destiny to be a global village for all guests. Here I have simplified my dream in its remaking. This is a grace we are loved to harvest here. :)

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



A pathetic bug conflicts our diversity here,

We are alarmed not feeling inequalities of economic globalization,

Our story brings a day every child can showcase their talent who gifted them this right from school days,

Citizens give time for a revolution through the press and newsmedia,

Like a daily news editor share responsible accountability of tax-payers responsiveness,

Our greatest Kochi citizens serve this hunger questioning one rival blockchains,

We fight poverty delivering larger community a small equal quantities of services,

Here a story of extraordinary empathy feel a collective living room we people felt a change,

Our art is a social disruptive stranger from local special unaltered hands,

Where fruits of labour color our culture from the first belongings in this history,

We need a change to fulfill the future of jobs with self-fulfillment where we find a meaning of work in our tradition,

This extraordinary experience dance some business raw materials may serve our human potential,

No stranger here may conflict their right for peace as a deficit among refugees of this land,

Our larger social value creates a feeling of commonness among haves and have-nots,

This cooperation for whom we are pillars of this time,

Today each child creates a difference in our homes,

Their school replenish good farming practices eliminating pastic from usage,

Like citizen journalist they mentor from questions seeking feeling of oneness,

Creating a difference in this world be our motivator,

Amazing memories camp around our infrastructure may support global workforce,

This prime school rooms collects talents polished like live DJ of music world towards channels of the knowledge in golden early days,

We start our reworking plain lands of this heritage in the language of my Nations stepping stories,

May be all child who retreat back & subscribe what we learn for a global village,

Connect in this radio station like our live room of global motivators wellness at home,

Yet commercial showcase of our spices travel back in time,

Near our seashores a day we collect every new generation dream for modern amenities,

Many tracks that make my city clean like a venice of golden opportunity,

Some artifact still make us feel this home will nourish dream of being a smart city in our global village,

Here all communities coexist for being one brand restoring a world heritage in making,

Today very cosmopolitian story welcome back for every new quest being our visitor in time,

If new nationalities gave us a source of income when they buy back this luxury from our traditional homes,

New Kochi Metro be its wagon for marriage with its spurting trailer over the skydome,

We start our coverstory of this wind fishing beneath new villagers dream in the old hut where life conveniences taste our earthen happiness,

Entertaining flowers of music as a gift for the vicinity of relief at our government hospitals,

Today movies and its drama still remake a city in our old harbor within limits,

We are with everyone who like to party here taking mesmirizing events back in history,

Our farm fileds of rural healthcare sector still hope for better facilities we again need more doctors and other investment for every primary centers,

From the same hope this rainy season come for a world divided of this commonness,

Today rain wanders flow from the heart of Arabian seas fashion events,

There is a balance in climate which fills strongest scent for a beauty of new world and its needed conveniences,

Yet we are unsure which direction the wings of every citizens dream may survive our destiny,

This city speaks new private public partnership for all support we need to be its partners in every new tribute from heaven above,

Our Elephants dressed in the costume of a temple door looks beyond a infrastructure of belongings around this neighbourhood,

We need to do more while tasting the lost flavor of this home,

New roadways still keeps off its phase beyond the skylimits from a day we see exclusions sleeping away on the either side of this road,

If this is Kochi Metro we can make deep concerns for a celebration,

Tomorrow we must not alienate dreams and development from a pavement for smarter home of commonman,

How much we consume will not shrink a dreampage of a lively golden address our city must not be vulnerable tomorrow?

Yet this city has openned its millenium dream story,

Our history in this pages again,

Where time webs a queue formed from its consumption necessity,

People will be the golden chariot of how we will remake this best time for our cities infrastructure,

Let all politics and drama of this new city dream make a difference for all in their days ahead.

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